HC-130J Coast Guard

Long-Range Search and Rescue

The HC-130J is the long-range search and rescue variant of the C-130J flown by the U. S. Coast Guard. The aircraft's mission system includes automatic identification and direction-finding capabilities; long range, multi-mode radar; electro-optical and infraread, or EO/IR, sensor turret that provides both imagery and target data; advanced open architecture mission system processor; and an extensive communications suite.  The HC-130J features a 20 percent increase in speed and altitude and a 40 percent increase in range compared to the HC-130H model. 
Characteristics   ___

Service Ceiling

33,000 feet


5,000 miles

Cruising Speed

374 mph


99 ft. 7 in.


132 ft. 7 in.

Gross Weight

175,000 lbs.

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