Integrated Air and Missile Defense

The highest stakes demand the highest degree of precision.

Shooting a missile down with a missile was once a concept only dreamed up in science fiction novels. We’ve made it scientific fact.

So what does it take to spot an enemy missile launch, identify its intended target, calculate its exact trajectory, launch an interceptor and guide it to destroy the threat in mid-air? All in a matter of seconds? It’s not easy – but at Lockheed Martin, we help customers solve the world’s most complex challenges.

Here’s how ...

Layered Levels of Defense   ___
Aegis Combat System, the Navy’s most modern surface combat system, employs the SPY-1 radar for threat detection at sea.
Lockheed Martin provides innovative, cost-efficient airborne and ground system configurations that address a wide range of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance requirements.
The future of the ICS is a continously evolving ecosystem that will allow for fully integrated systems and neutralize threats across all domains.
The Long Range Discrimination Radar (LRDR) program is the backbone of the Missile Defense Agency’s layered defense strategy to protect the U.S. homeland from ballistic missile attack.
Today’s challenges to global security are accelerating. Prevailing in future conflicts requires the ability to understand and respond to situations faster than our adversaries.
The Missile Defense Agency selected Lockheed Martin to deliver the nation's new homeland missile defense capability, the Next Generation Interceptor (NGI).
Lockheed Martin's SBIRS serves as a critical missile warning system, utilizing infrared surveillance for early missile detection.
Lockheed Martin’s Targets and Countermeasures Program provides targets designed to represent adversary missiles for realistic testing.
Experience the combat-proven THAAD air defense system, safeguarding soldiers and citizens against ballistic missile threats with unmatched effectiveness.
Integrated Approach to Defense Technology

Integrated Approach to Defense Technology

We see the whole picture. From targets and interceptors, to satellites, radars, seekers and command and control solutions – Lockheed Martin’s technology is embedded in every facet of the missile defense architecture. 
Innovative Engineering

Innovative Engineering

The missile defense challenge is an engineering challenge. And that’s what we do best. To counter advancing threats, we pioneered hit-to-kill technology, advanced cyber security and improved interceptor accuracy, lethality, range and reliability.
Proven Performance

Proven Performance

As the world leader in missile defense, our systems have achieved more than 100 successful intercepts in combat and flight testing since 1984 – more than any other company – and 50 successful target missions since 1996.
Global Corperation

Global Corperation

Partnerships are an important part of how we do business. Supporting the U.S. Government and allies around the world, we consider our customers’ unique missions as our own.
Layered Defense

Layered Defense

The best defense has layers. Our systems provide multi-tier defenses that work in concert to defeat incoming threats from boost to ballistic.
Precision and Accuracy

Precision and Accuracy

We meet challenges head on. Our hit-to-kill interceptors have the agility and accuracy to directly destroy threats. Every time.
Latest News   ___
May 30, 2024
Press Release
Aerostar S.A. in partnership with Lockheed Martin has inaugurated Europe’s first certified HIMARS Sustainment Centre.
May 20, 2024
Press Release
In partnership with multiple Department of Defense Services and Components, Lockheed Martin launched a PAC-3 Missile Segment Enhancement (MSE)interceptor from an MK-70 containerized launch platform to engage a cruise missile target in flight.
Mar 25, 2024
Over the last two decades, Javelin® has become the combat-proven precision weapon system of choice for defending against threats worldwide.
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