Ground-Based Air Surveillance Radars

Ground-Based Air Surveillance Radars

Multi-mission capable with the ability to simultaneously detect ultra-low to high altitude targets while performing its normal surveillance mission; Lockheed Martin’s long range and medium range radars set the industry standard for ground-based air surveillance. With more than 60 years of experience developing and delivering ground-based radar solutions to our customers, our high-performing, high-reliability, solid state radar systems specialize in early warning, situational awareness, tactical ballistic missile surveillance, and defense. Our radars are designed with the highest degree of commonality and fully integrated SSR systems. They can operate in all environments, are available in highly mobile configurations, and are deployed worldwide.

It’s why Lockheed Martin ground-based air surveillance radars are the choice of more than 30 nations on six continents.

Developed for the U.S. Marine Corps to provide a mobile long-range surveillance radar capability. It is recognized as the world’s most capable long-range ground-based radar for tactical ballistic missile defense with proven performance during live fire tests.

AN/TPS-59 Long-Range Air Surveillance Radar fact sheet (pdf)

Developed for the U.S. Air Force, it provides long-range surveillance capability to the minimally attended Distant Early Warning line in Alaska and Canada. It is the most capable dual-use air traffic monitoring and air defense radar available and has been proven in more locations around the world than any other radar in its class.

AN/FPS-117 Long-Range Air Surveillance Radar fact sheet (pdf)

Designed to be a multi-mission radar, the TPS-77 incorporates the best AN/TPS-59 and FPS-117 features to create an economical, high performing, fixed or mobile radar that can be transported via C-130, C-17, truck, rail or helicopter.

AN/TPS-77 Long-Range Air Surveillance Radar fact sheet (pdf)

The Multi-Role Radar (TPS-77 MRR) is designed for ultra-low power consumption and is the most mobile version of Lockheed Martin’s successful TPS-77 product line. This high-performing radar, configurable for long or medium range, can be vehicle mounted or easily transported via C-130, truck, rail or helicopter.

AN/TPS-77 Multi-Role Radar System fact sheet (pdf)


Developed to include all the mission capabilities our current product family offers, our next generation long-range multi-mission radar system includes significant technology investment (including GaN) for enhanced capabilities to address emerging threats. Updated technology components backfit into existing product base. TPY-X is easily scalable and will be available in both fixed and highly mobile variants. It is transportable via C-130, C-17, truck, rail or helicopter.

Upgrades, Maintenance and Services for TPS-77, FPS-117 and TPS-59 Long-Range / Medium Range Air Surveillance Radars

The open architecture and continuous production of our radar systems has allowed for investment in the development of obsolescence replacements and enhancements, allowing our customers to extend the life of their systems far beyond the original designed life expectancy.

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World's Leading Manufacturer of Ground-Based Radar Systems
178 Solid-State Radars Delivered Worldwide

FPS-117 Radar System

Array Overview:

  • Solid State AESA
  • Pencil Beam Architecture
  • Easy Access via Integrated Service Lift
  • Ambient Air Cooled

Simultaneous Multi-Mission:

  • Wind Family Resilient
  • Superior Long Range Early Warning Radar
  • Large Aperture, High Power
  • Best in Class Accuracy

Installed Worldwide:

  • 170+ Installed
  • Operational in All Climate
  • Service Life Extension Through Upgrades

TPS-77 Radar System

Simultaneous Multi-Mission:

  • Wind Farm Resilient
  • Long Range Mission
  • Medium range Mission
  • Tactical Ballistic Missile Detection/Tracking


  • Solid State AESA
  • Pencil Beam Architecture
  • Easy Access via Integrated Service Lift
  • Ambient Air Cooled

Installed Worldwide:

  • 170+ Installed
  • Pencil Beam Architecture
  • Operational in All Climate
  • Service Life Extension Through Upgrades

Multi-System Shelter

System is Transportable via:

  • C-130
  • Helicopter
  • Truck
  • Rail
  • Mobilizers

Shelter Overview:

  • 3rd Generation Digital Signal Processing
  • Configurable Space for Comms Equipment
  • ISO Transportable Container

Mission Configurable:

  • Two Operator Positions
  • Configurable Space
  • ISO Transportable Container

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