Lockheed Martin's family of radars provides multi-mission ground-based radar solutions for medium to long range air surveillance. Our state-of-the-art Single Scan Multi Role capability along with our AESA pencil beam architecture provide unique operator-controlled mission flexibility and optimum performance for threat detection. Our proven reliable performance, economical life-cycle cost, and demonstrated integration worldwide make our radars a best overall value solution for Air Surveillance needs. 

Fixed Solution for Long Range

Radar systems that balance flexibility, capability, and value



Multi-Role, highly configurable performance due to Flexible Time/ Energy management

Operator-selectable mission management by azimuth sector

Multiple scan rates

Frequency management



Extended Range Surveillance

Easy integration into C2 via ASTERIX-based open interface

Remote maintenance

Best suited for fixed-site applications



Low power consumption utilizing GaN technology

Affordable acquisition and lifecycle maintenance

Low risk, proven solution with on-time delivery

Demonstrated 100% unmanned operation

Top Ten Reasons Customers Choose our Family of Radars:

  1. Affordable acquisition and maintenance costs
  2. Ease of integration with NATO and existing C2 systems (open/ non-proprietary interface)
  3. High performance in clutter and jamming
  4. Scaled configurations with common training, operations, and sparing
  5. Proven low-risk acquisition and on-time delivery
  6. Demonstrated extended lifecycle support and upgrade capability
  7. Reliable AESA Pencil-Beam architecture featuring graceful degradation and auto-recalibration
  8. Lowest power consumption for long range capability
  9. Product Line Philosophy - shared obsolescence resolution and upgrade development
  10. Proven performance worldwide (more than 30 nations on 6 continents)

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Lockheed Martin’s radar and electro-optical/infrared sensor systems provide advanced precision targeting, navigation, threat detection and next generation intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. We’ve designed and delivered radars and sensors for every armed service and operational environment. Our space-based solutions collect and transmit imagery and sensor data that informs critical decisions made by national leaders, troops on the battlefield, intelligence agents and emergency responders, as well as the public and private sector.