Synergistic Full Spectrum Operations

Gaining Situational Awareness of the Electromagnetic Spectrum

According to the U.S. 2020 Department of Defense Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority Strategy, the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) “not only provides the critical connective tissue that enables all-domain operations, but represents a natural seam and critical vulnerability across joint force operations.”

Today, Armed Forces face growing competition within the EMS. In a theater of conflict, the radio frequency and optical spectrum become crowded with signals of all types across huge bandwidths of the spectrum. This makes it difficult to resolve actual threats from benign emissions. Adversaries are also challenging the U.S. and allied military’s dominance while attempting to restrict their freedom of operations across all domains. This includes attempts to pollute the spectrum with confounding signals that slow response times to a crawl. In order to maintain control of the spectrum, we need systems that can quickly route telecommunication traffic, protect channels from adversaries and increase bandwidth when needed.

SFSO Capabilities

Assured Communications

Assured Communications

Resilient communications for distributed operations
Shared Treat Environment

Shared Treat Environment

Shared situational awareness across multi-node enterprise
Cognitive Sensing

Cognitive Sensing

Real-time, autonomous mission data processing

Our Role

At Lockheed Martin, we’re working to ensure the U.S. military and its allies maintain superiority in the dense electromagnetic spectrum. Spectrum superiority will require new operational concepts, technology and improved integration among the services and their partners. Future operations in contested environments will require assured communications and more advanced situational awareness to help maintain our advantage.
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Third Party Article
The AN/APR-52 Radar Warning Receiver (RWR), which is being developed to detect radar threats for the Air Force's future HH-60W Combat Rescue Helicopter (CRH), has demonstrated its technological maturity in a government laboratory, according to Lockheed Martin [LMT], whose Sikorsky unit is the CRH prime contractor.
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