Aegis Software Delivered Early to the U.S. Navy’s FFG 62 Constellation Class Frigate

Aegis Software Delivered Early to the U.S. Navy’s FFG 62 Constellation Class Frigate

June 26, 2023

The U.S. Navy’s newest class of warship, the FFG 62 Constellation Class lead warship, recently received its first combat systems software package.

This first combat systems software package delivery was made three years prior to the delivery of the FFG 62 and will reduce risk to the Navy’s on-time introduction of the new ship class.

While the software is a variant of Aegis Weapon System Baseline 10 (BL 10), it is tailored to the Frigate’s unique needs and missions and lays the foundation for Aegis weapon system integration.

The Constellation class frigate will serve as the small surface combatant (SSC) component of the Navy’s Force-Level Goal, able to operate in a wide range of environments. As the Navy’s first new class of warship since 2010, the frigate will be equipped with the latest technologies, like BL 10, ensuring the U.S. Navy remains a dominant force across the world's oceans.


Rapid Technology Advances Provide the Advantage

This advanced software delivery to FFG 62 was made possible, not in small part, by the Common Source Library (CSL). The CSL allows for scalable combat capabilities across the Surface Navy through a robust computer repository.

The CSL supports a number of the Surface Navy’s platforms, including Aegis Cruisers and Destroyers, Littoral Combat Ships, Coast Guard Cutters, and International Aegis-equipped Allies. The CSL also reduces the Navy’s costs through common software development, systems engineering, and training.

As the U.S. Navy’s Combat System Engineering Agent (CSEA) for the Aegis Combat System, we delivered the first Frigate BL10 software delivery by combining the best of existing Navy programs, the adaptability of the CSL, and advances in CSEA technology to bring a custom product to the Navy’s newest Surface ship class.

Our teams design, develop, integrate, test and deliver computer program baselines to the U.S. Navy. 

Improvements in BL 10 include:

  • Agile program transformation to Capability Builds (CB) versus a software waterfall development method
  • Virtualization of the Aegis Weapon System code for rapid/flexible test and integration
  • Microservices and agile core services architecture
  • High confidence automated test/re-test capability 

Building on Success

The ability to achieve this level of advanced support draws heavily on our success with the Aegis BL 10 software on Arleigh Burke class destroyers like DDG 125 PCU JACK H LUCAS, the first DDG 51 Flight III variant.

This use of proven technologies reduces risks to the Navy’s successful on-schedule introduction of this new ship class.

While we build on tried and true technologies of the past, we also continue to digitally transform the way we work. Mirroring a more commercial model helps us increase the speed with which we provide capabilities to soldiers. 

The demand for 21st Century Security products is greater than ever to ensure the safety and security of the U.S. military and its allies. Their needs are urgent, and it’s our mission to ensure our customers remain ahead of ready.