AN/APY-9 Radar

AN/APY-9 Radar

Source: Northrop Grumman

The AN/APY-9 radar is an integral part of the Advanced Hawkeye program for the United States Navy’s Surveillance and Theatre Air and Missile Defense (TAMD) missions. The APY-9 provides the enhanced airborne command and control and expanded surveillance for the Navy’s E-2D aircraft. The radar is an all-weather, airborne early warning radar designed to detect small, highly maneuverable targets in the dense littoral and overland environments.

The World's Premier Airborne Early Warning Radar

Full 360° Surveillance

The APY-9 features both mechanical and electronic scanning modes, providing the warfighter with full range 360° situational awareness and the ability to augment with electronic scanning to dedicate extra resources to challenging targets or 90° sectors, in any direction.

Space-Time Adaptive Processing (STAP)

The APY-9 Radar detects both air and sea surface targets simultaneously. The APY-9’s unique STAP architecture suppresses clutter, jamming, and other sources of electromagnetic interference, focusing on the target.

Solid State Transmitter and Advanced Processor

The APY-9 operates at UHF which is ideal for long range detection of stressing targets.  High Power Solid-State transmitter electronics increases reliability and sensitivity.  Advanced Processing enables flexible beam management and enhanced target processing.

Nothing Hides From the AN/APY-9 RADAR

Source: NAVAIR
  • The most advanced and capable airborne early warning sensor in the world
  • Full range, continuous, 360° coverage for unparalleled situational awareness
  • Electronic Sector Scanning enables increased track update rates in any 90° sector
  • High reliability solid-state transmitter design, digital receivers and exciter, provide maximum waveform flexibility, low noise figure, and increased sensitivity
  • Open architecture processor supports continuous capability insertion to outpace the dynamic threat environment
  • Circuit Card Assembly hardware architecture greatly simplifies system maintenance 

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