The World’s Most Powerful and Versatile Radar
Keeping You Safe at Home and Abroad

Today’s warfighters face ever increasing threats and require the latest technology to identify, track and respond appropriately. SPY-7 radar is the most advanced technology that will provide the capability to make these decisions – accurately and quickly.
Target Tracking

Relative to SPY-1
SPY-7 can track more simultaneous targets, faster targets, and longer range targets with much better track accuracy
Offers a 3-fold improvement in performance compared to current radars

SPY-7 is adaptable to any conditions on land, air and sea with 24/7/365 coverage

Always on and always safe

Can be repaired and maintained while in operation – shut down not required

SPY-7 is scalable, so it will fit radar needs now, tomorrow and beyond

Can be configured for various applications - from relatively small for small ships to very large applications

Rapid and efficient insertion of new capabilities and threats without requiring hardware changes

See How SPY-7 Outperforms Any Other Radar System

SPY-7 Is the Backbone of Multiple Defense Systems on Land, Air & Sea

SPY-7 is a scalable radar that can protect against ballistic missiles and anti-air missiles. This technology can protect warfighters and citizens at sea, ashore and around the world, through programs like Aegis, Aegis Ashore, and LRDR.

SPY-7 provides several times the performance of traditional SPY-1 radars – it can detect, track, and engage sophisticated ballistic missile threats, including multiple threats at once.

SPY-7 Technology

SPY-7 shares the same core technology as the Long Range Discrimination Radar, which will be delivered to the U.S. Government in 2022. SPY-7 technology has been declared Technical Readiness Level 7 by the U.S. Government, meaning it has been tested in an operationally relevant environment. The radar has been radiating and tracking air and space objects at a Lockheed Martin test site since 2018.

SPY-7 Is the Most Adaptable and Capable System Available Today and Into the Future


Superior Radar Capabilities

Has the ability to detect, track, and engage sophisticated ballistic missile and advanced air threats

Engages multiple targets simultaneously with proven interceptors

Modular and scalable software defined digital solid state radar


International Protection

Royal Canadian Navy: Canadian Surface Combatant Program

Spanish Navy: F-110 Frigate Program

Government of Japan 

Aegis System Equipped Vessel (ASEV) Program

United States Government


Most Compatible

Interoperable with other radars and platforms

Fully compatible with the Aegis Combat System


Proven Performance

Solid state solution meets the need now

Provides the most technically advanced capabilities warfighters require

World's latest technology selected worldwide

Lowest life cycle costs 

Additional Information

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Situational Awareness and Radar Programs
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As technology grows and adversaries become more sophisticated, naval dominance, missile defense and nuclear deterrence must evolve to meet these new threats. 

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