Indago 4 - UAV

The Indago 4 Tactical Quadcopter provides 360 degree reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities with the introduction of on-edge computing to meet the broader missions of 21st Century Security. ​


Indago 4’s proven mission benefits include man-packable design, low acoustic signature, long-endurance flight, and high quality optics.


2 Minute Deployment

Ruggedized, backpackable and rapidly deployable, the Indago system fits within a small backpack and deploys in approximately 2 minutes. With industry-leading endurance, high-resolution payload options, a low acoustic signature and new on-edge computing, Indago 4 delivers proven mission benefits

Features and Specifications

In addition to its compact folding design and quick setup time, features include:

  • 3 payload interfaces​
  • GPS-denied navigation using Northstar™1 software ​
  • Endurance: 50-70 minutes of endurance depending on battery type and payload​
  • Aircraft Datalink Range: 10 km.​
  • Open system architecture ​
  • 2 hot-swappable batteries for rapid deployment2​
  • TSA compliant for airline transport ​
  • On-edge computing enabling AI and machine learning​
  • Max Payload Weight: 5 lb.


1 Beta release functionality limited to some use cases and will enable increasingly advanced navigational capabilities, features and functionality through future software updates. 2 Extended battery for endurance is currently under development.


Military-Grade Payloads

Combined with the aircraft’s whisper quiet acoustic signature, the high-resolution camera systems provide users with incredible zoom capability used to accurately identify people, objects, vehicles and weapons.

The EO or daytime cameras include low light settings for twilight, nighttime, and cloudy days. The IR cameras providing thermal infrared capabilities for covert nighttime operations providing heat signatures in white hot, black hot and heat map color displays for detailed analysis and situational awareness in the darkness.


ION 30X MK2 Payload:

The ION 30X MK2 is a daylight payload that has 30X optical zoom with image stabilization. The ION 30X MK2 capabilities providing real-time geo-location, and geo-pointing with ATAK and VCSi Touch.

Noctis Dual IR Payload:

The Noctis payload provides dual Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) cameras providing object tracking, real-time geo-location, and geo-pointing capability with ATAK and VCSi Touch. 

We’re here to help you accomplish your mission, from tactical
situational awareness to intelligence collection capabilities. 

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