Unlocking the Future: Indago 4 Tactical Quadcopter

Unlocking the Future: Indago 4 Tactical Quadcopter Redefines Aerial Intelligence


The latest addition to Lockheed Martin Skunk Works® Small Uncrewed Aerial Systems Portfolio introduces cutting-edge capabilities for 21st Century Security

February 01, 2024


In a significant leap forward for aerial intelligence, the Skunk Works team proudly unveils the Indago 4 Tactical Quadcopter, a groundbreaking addition to our small uncrewed aerial systems lineup. Building upon the successes of its predecessor, the Indago 3, this new quadcopter incorporates the most sought-after technology upgrades from the field and harnesses the latest advancements in the market.


Power-Packed Performance


Indago 4 takes performance to new heights, featuring class-leading endurance and an impressive payload capacity of 60% of its flight weight. Leveraging the latest technology in radios, command and control software, payloads, and on-edge computing, it effortlessly integrates into the connected battlespace. The three payload bays, coupled with downward-facing sensors and a visual-based navigation software suite, enable the quadcopter to conduct intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance even in environments where GPS is unavailable.



The Indago 4 is a game-changer for the small UAS market. Its long endurance, impressive payload capacity, on-edge AI capabilities, modularity, interoperability, and backpack-ability make it the ideal platform for a wide range of ISR missions.
Juan Gomez
Program Management Manager at Lockheed Martin Skunk Works


Bridging Legacy and Innovation


The Indago 4 draws inspiration from the legacy Indago 3 system, ensuring reliability while seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology. With a commitment to meeting the missions of 21st Century Security, this quadcopter boasts an open system architecture, modular design, and on-edge computing capabilities. The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowers the warfighter with enhanced decision-making superiority, navigating the complexities of modern warfare.


Adaptability and Innovation


Designed to facilitate best-in-class capabilities, Indago 4 offers a Payload Development Kit, allowing third-party and end-user payloads development. This flexibility ensures that the quadcopter can evolve to meet diverse mission requirements, making it a versatile asset on the battlefield.


Mission-Ready Advantage


Our overarching mission is to keep customers ahead of ready by providing advanced systems that confer every possible advantage. The Indago 4, with its unparalleled ease of use and rapid deployment capabilities, delivers a low-risk solution for real-time intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. Beyond collecting critical data, it significantly enhances situational awareness, enabling the warfighter to plan and adapt to a variety of mission sets.