Upskilling Talent and Forging a New Career Path

Meet our Apprentices

Upskilling talent and forging a new career path.

November 13, 2023

In 29 states across America, we have over 2,600 apprentices of all ages from diverse backgrounds and experiences who receive training, mentoring, and hands-on learning. These programs are preparing our workforce, which includes students, transitioning workers, military veterans, and current employees to address the ever-increasing demands in areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, cybersecurity, 5G, and advanced manufacturing.

As a recognized US Department of Labor Apprenticeship Ambassador, we are proud to share our apprenticeship experience and are committed to championing apprenticeship opportunities as a company and with our apprenticeship partners.

Read on to learn about apprenticeship and partnership success stories!


Applications Engineer, Roxanna, is upskilling through our robotics apprenticeship cohort. Roxanna joined the Applications Development Center (ADC) full-time in 2022, to develop automated solutions for the factory floor, at the time she had minimal experience in programming manufacturing robots. The training she received through the apprenticeship program helped give her the confidence she needed to deploy those new machines in the factory setting.

Before joining our team Roxanna received her degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Florida and worked part-time as a teacher’s assistant in the design and manufacturing laboratory. Through the robotics apprenticeship program, she’s expanded her professional network and met fellow apprentices from Troy, Ala., Chelmsford, Mass., Fort Worth, and Grand Prairie, Texas.


I am thankful that I am able to partner with operators and engineers alike to integrate improvements onto the production floor that will make a daily impact on our operations,” said Roxanna.

Participating in this program will stretch you and expose you to a whole new world of manufacturing opportunities. I always recommend everyone to take advantage of the opportunities that will challenge and test them, so to anyone on the fence, I would say “Go for it!
Applications Engineer - Robotics

Before joining our team, Karl was a full-time student working in IT and cyber security. In his own words he “re-ignited,” his passion for learning when he joined our apprenticeship program. It gave him a new set of tools that he uses to support a wide variety of programs at Lockheed Martin today.

He credits a lot of his success in the apprenticeship program to his mentor Edward Grant, a senior systems engineer, who offered Karl knowledge in the fields of mechanical engineering, AV engineering, programming, network architecture, and Lockheed Martin as a business.



Support and upkeep for the simulators at our Innovation Demonstration Center (IDC), is just one of the ways Karl is applying what he’s learned in our apprenticeship program.

“I like to say that our apprenticeship program is the best return on your investment. The tools I’ve been given, and the mentoring are exactly what is needed to push my career forward,” said Karl. 

I get a unique opportunity as an Engineering Aide to be at the forefront of showcasing products and Lockheed Martin innovation to customers not only in the United States but from all over the world.
Engineering Aide

From stay-at-home mom to senior technician for GPS III, Titima has gained the skill and confidence necessary to bolster her career through our Advanced Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship Program (AMTAP) apprenticeship program.

By upskilling through the AMTAP program, Titima is now able to help build satellites for GPS III. Meeting so many people from diverse backgrounds, sharing ideas, and being willing to master a new set of skills instilled confidence in Titima that she carries with her to this day.



Now as she puts it “I get to work on cool things all day long,” and AMTAP has provided her with the ability to travel and support multiple programs across our business.

“Being a part of the launch team at Cape Canaveral was a dream come true,” she said. “And none of that would be possible without our apprenticeship program.” 

The apprenticeship program changed my perspective on what I could make out of my career. The confidence I gained through the AMTAP program helped me believe I could do anything.
Senior Technician - AMTAP

Building a telecommunications system presents a lot of challenges spread across many different engineering disciplines. Kyle is applying the knowledge and experience he gained in the 5G upskilling program to create functional systems that our customers can utilize to accomplish their missions.

He joined our team back in 2018 as a software engineer, and soon interviewed and was accepted to our engineering leadership development team (ELDP). During the final stop of his ELDP rotation, Kyle worked in a program focused on 5G and quickly realized that this would be his new career path. 



“I apply what I’ve learned in the accelerator program every day,” said Kyle. “The training has given me the knowledge to design the baseband and network architecture of the OSIRIS system.”

Personally, Kyle takes pride in the work he does for Lockheed Martin after losing a loved one who served in the Army. “I’m proud of the work I get to do, helping equip products with the tools and systems they need to help bring those who serve home safely is a great honor.”

The 5G upskilling program provided me with a foundational understanding of 5G cellular networks and being able to peer into the complex world of telecommunications engineering has been eye-opening.
5G Baseband Architect and Integrator