Designing New Solutions in a "Network of Networks"

New solutions in a 'network of networks'

June 06, 2023

Lockheed Martin's 5G.MIL® solutions enable joint all-domain operations by providing seamless and resilient connectivity capabilities that securely link current and future assets with cutting-edge technology. With our industry experience, mission expertise and strategic commercial relationships, we're ready to assist our customers in rapid and affordable fielding, scaling and deploying this transformative technology across all domains.

Discover the unique career pathways of our talented 5G.MIL® team members. Gain insights from their advice for the future workforce, learn about their daily responsibilities and witness how Lockheed Martin has supported their career growth. 

Salman A., Systems Engineer, Space

Describe your career path to get to Lockheed Martin.

I have been in the telecommunication (mobile/cellular) industry for over 10 years. After finishing my MS in “telecommunication and networking,” I joined one of the top mobile infrastructure vendors in the world.

I have worked with that company for over 8 years before deciding to move to Lockheed Martin, Space, under the 5G.MIL® program.

During my 8 years in the mobile infrastructure industry, I have worked in software/hardware integration, validation and system testing of the wireless radio access and core products to build up the 4G,LTE,5G (public/private) networks for different Tier1 &2 mobile operators in North America region. I've also done work designing, creating and testing the test plans based on the 3GPP/ORAN test specification. 

How has Lockheed Martin supported your career growth at the company?

Lockheed Martin helped me outline a clear career path within the organization so that I can better visualize my future at the company. They have also promoted training to enhance my technical skills, encouraged mentoring and job shadowing and given me the opportunity to do a job rotation outside of the organization to gain additional knowledge.

Describe your day-to-day in your current role.

My day-to-day work starts each morning with a debug/status call with a vendor. Then I move to an internal scrum with my team leads to brief everyone on the progress of the current work and have a discussion of future tasks. From there I integrate different 5G RAN components in O-RAN space in the lab and work on preparing the test documents for the requirements needed for building a test setup. We do a lot of testing, ranging from functional tests to system-level to see if the vendor system is compliant with the 0RAN/3GPP standards. Our team uses different third-party and in-house tools to perform different test scenarios and use them to model measurements of 5G waveforms.

What made you decide to enter the field of 5G.Mil?

5G.MIL is a very interesting project. It is a robust 5G-enabled heterogeneous “network of networks,” integrating all the warfighting domains across military tactical, strategic, and enterprise networks by leveraging commercial telecommunication infrastructure technology. It has never been done in the past using open standards, so that was a big motivator for me to be a part of this challenge and find a new solution.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering a similar career path?

Working on goals that matter first is among the best advice and tips anyone can give. Telecom is unique field, but interesting at the same time. You get a chance to work on technology which will make a difference in people’s lives by connecting them with each other. So, work hard and do your best with whatever career path you decide.

What do you do with your off-Friday?

I love having Friday off, as we get an extra day to spend with the family. I usually go for an early morning walk with my wife, take the kids to the library, and visit a park. Going to the ice cream parlor is also one of our favorite rituals.

Why would you recommend Lockheed Martin as a wonderful place to work?

I would tell someone considering Lockheed Martin as a place to work that it's a great place to learn and think outside the box. The culture is team-oriented and requires individuals to have skills of their own to bring a project or task together. And finally, you'll get a chance to work with the greatest minds in the industry.

Salman w/Son