Rookie Mistake! Early Career Lessons Learned

What happens when you mix over 2,500 college interns with the dynamic world of Lockheed Martin? You get a potent mix of learning, growth, and occasionally some unexpected twists. Our internships offer a rich landscape of opportunities for young talent to develop, broaden their perspectives and sometimes learn from their missteps.

At Lockheed Martin, we are all about hitting the bullseye with top-notch quality, precision timing and meeting our big picture goals. But, we aren't robots and that's what makes us who we are! We are here to learn and leap forward together and have some fun along the way.

To celebrate National Intern Day, we tapped into the experiences of our employees and interns about their experiences to understand what they learned and mistakes that they made.

Here are the stories from the few brave enough to share: 

July 27, 2023
Seth, Systems Engineering Intern

The power of “I don’t know”


"My internship at Lockheed Martin was like a crash course and whirlwind of new experiences. Initially, I tried to impress those around me by pretending that I understood everything. This ultimately resulted in a missed deadline and a failed project. I chose to admit my confusion to my supervisor and was greeted with grace and understanding.

I learned the importance of honesty and the courage in simply saying “I don’t know.” 

From Eagerness to Efficiency: A Crucial Lesson Learned


"From my two-year Lockheed Martin internship, I've learned the value of understanding before executing. In my enthusiasm, I jumped into tasks without fully grasping them, leading to avoidable errors and time lost revisiting my work. Remember, it's okay not to know everything on your first day. Take your time to learn - it leads to efficiency and success in future assignments."

Sabrina, Systems Engineering intern
Anson, Finance intern

"Embracing Curiosity: The Power of Questions"


"One key takeaway from my internship at Lockheed Martin is the power of asking questions. While self-reliance is important, acknowledging when help is needed is crucial. I learned to seek advice before starting a project and never hesitated to ask for help when stuck. Contrary to being a bother, it strengthens team dynamics as we all have unique strengths and weaknesses. The supportive culture at Lockheed Martin, aligning with its core values, made my internship highly impactful, highlighting the company's dedication to growth and learning for all, including interns."

Lessons in Strategy: Navigating the Learning Curve


"As an HR intern, I was tasked with scheduling virtual internship interviews. In my haste to find available slots in my supervisor's busy calendar, I once scheduled five interviews back-to-back, without considering breaks or potential delays. This taught me an important lesson - to always clarify tasks and anticipate potential challenges. Today, I approach tasks with a more strategic mindset, taking into account realistic constraints."

Ulises, Talent Acquistion Intern
Aedan, Electrical Engineering Intern

From Questions to Confidence: My Journey from High School Intern to Engineer


"Starting as a high school intern, I was hesitant to ask questions for fear of seeming less capable. My manager encouraged me, emphasizing that questions lead to growth. This perspective shift helped me overcome my fears, making me a better engineer today. Now, I contribute significantly to redesigns and programs, and guide others, answering the questions I once had."

Fast-Track Learning: A Growth Journey


"As a fresh HR analyst, I found myself communicating directly with high-level executives. Mastering the art of conveying information professionally and succinctly was challenging. I often erred on the side of over-sharing or omitting critical information. But, with the support and mentorship of my team, I learned and grew rapidly. Though daunting at first, this 'deep-end' experience has been invaluable. Now, as an early career professional, I confidently support both current and former members of the HR Executive Leadership team."

Laston, HR Business Partner
Our intern experiences radiate with the essence of Lockheed Martin’s culture – a culture that appreciates our shared humanity and celebrates learning from mistakes. We believe that overcoming missteps paves the way for greatness. Our dedicated team members lend a hand fostering an enriching environment for everyone, interns included. We don’t just work together; we grow together.