Inspiring Australia’s Next Generation



Inspiring Australia's Next Generation

Lockheed Martin Australia is inspiring Australia’s next generation of scientists and engineers.

Through our ongoing commitment to the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) Lockheed Martin Australia is leading the way in supporting Australia’s youth to be well informed about their study and career options in Science, Technology and Engineering fields.


NYSF is an Australian not-for-profit focused on providing young people with opportunities to learn more about the possibilities for future study and careers if they continue to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects after school.

Year 12 NYSF participants get a taste of what a STEM career in Australia might look like through visits to STELaRLab and the Endeavour Centre, where they can experience some of Lockheed Martin’s state of the art technology and Australian research and development in the domains of Space, Air, Land and Sea.

“I’m really interested in robotics and mechatronics so to come here is like a dream come true,” says Annabel, a NYSF year 12 participant.

Both of these facilties have reach back to our global innovation ecosystem that includes the Lighthouse, Advanced Technology Centre, and Skunk Works.

“What Lockheed Martin does is exactly what I want to do.  I really hope to come back here one day and work,” adds Ash, another NYSF year 12 participant.

As an industry leader with an employee population that includes 60,000 engineers and scientists world-wide, we are committed to working with partners like the NYSF to develop programs that educate and inspire tomorrow’s scientists, engineers and mathematicians.  

“We are proud to play our part to expand the horizons of potentially thousands of young Australians from every state and territory – including young men and women from diverse backgrounds, living in both urban and remote areas,”  says Vince Di Pietro, Lockheed Martin Australia Chief Executive.