RAN achieves FOC for the Hobart Class Fleet

RAN achieves FOC for the Hobart Class Fleet
August 16, 2021

Lockheed Martin Australia congratulates the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) on achieving Final Operational Capability for the Hobart-class Destroyer fleet. This significant achievement marks the delivery of a 21st century-ready, fully operational fleet of Hobart-class Destroyers to further bolster the RAN’s ability to protect Australia’s security.

The Hobart-class Destroyers proudly join the global Aegis fleet. Equipped with the world’s most advanced combat system, Aegis, a cutting-edge system that continues to innovate and integrate next generation technologies to guard against evolving air and missile threats.

Neale Prescott, Director Business Development, Lockheed Martin Australia and New Zealand congratulated the Royal Australian Navy and said, “I commend the Royal Australian Navy on achieving Final Operational Capability for the fleet of Hobart-class Destroyers, including the successful integration of the Aegis Combat System and SPY-1 radar.”

“This is a remarkable outcome for the Royal Australian Navy and for the nation. It’s a shining example of the strong partnership and collaboration between Navy and Australian industry. The Aegis-equipped fleet are a formidable force, fusing radar and fire control data together to increase situational awareness on the high seas to detect, deter and defend against current and future threats,” Mr. Prescott said.

With more than 100 Aegis-equipped ships deployed worldwide, the RAN joins the wider family of allied Aegis nations, ensuring greater global interoperability, interchangeability, increased maritime domain awareness and safeguards for our collective navies’ missions.

Dylan Billman, a Lockheed Martin Australia Maritime Field Technician, also reflected on the Final Operational Capability of the Hobart-class Destroyer fleet and said, “This is a proud day for the RAN and for the Navy’s crews that serve aboard HMA Ships Hobart, Brisbane and Sydney.”

“In my role, I’m lucky to be part of such an experienced technical team within Lockheed Martin Australia and work alongside the best Navy personnel in the world. I have the privilege to work side-by-side with the RAN on board the Hobart Class to perform complex system maintenance on the Aegis Combat System across the fleet to ensure all systems are continually running at peak capacity and the ships are ready for the next mission.”

“I love what I do and I’m proud that I can work in support of Navy to contribute to the ongoing sustainment of the Hobart-class fleet,” said Mr. Billman. 

Image caption: HMA Ships Hobart, Brisbane and Sydney sail in formation through the Eastern Australian Exercise Area off the coast of New South Wales, Australia. Image courtesy of the Department of Defence.