Sovereign Tech Transfer

Sovereign Tech Transfer
February 16, 2022

In June 2020, Lockheed Martin Australia (LMA) successfully executed a range of complex Aegis upgrades onboard HMA Ships Hobart and Brisbane in Sydney during the challenging COVID-19 lockdown.

Working with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and industry partners as part of a combat system enterprise approach, LMA performed specialist upgrades and deep maintenance on the Aegis Weapons System including SPY-1D(V) radar systems onboard the destroyers.

For Aegis Custodian Services Senior Tech Specialist Dylan Billman, the opportunity to be part of the team performing these upgrades was tremendously satisfying.

“Working on the Aegis Combat System upgrade as part of the local team here at Garden Island in Sydney was a rewarding experience,” says Dylan.

“I’m lucky to work alongside the best Navy personnel in the world. I have the privilege to work side-by-side with the RAN on board the Hobart Class to perform complex Aegis upgrades.”

Dylan Billman, Aegis Custodian Services Senior Tech Specialist

As part of this work, the Aegis Computer Program, complex Aegis ‘light off’ activities and deep system maintenance was performed onboard the destroyers, ensuring all systems were operating at peak level and the ships were ready for their next mission.

LMA technicians worked hand-in-glove with the RAN Fleet Support Unit, ship’s crew, local and international government and industry partners over a three-week period to complete the installation of key Aegis systems upgrades to the destroyers in line with the RAN’s capability requirements.

“It felt good to be able to put in place the skills that I have learnt during my time at Lockheed Martin Australia. The LMA Aegis Custodian Services team at Garden Island has become self-reliant faster than expected and we are now able to conduct the full range of Aegis and SPY radar sovereign sustainment tasks, including deep level maintenance and upgrade activities,” said Dylan.

“I love what I do and I’m proud that I can work in support of Navy to contribute to the ongoing sustainment of the Hobart-class fleet.”

This effort demonstrated Australian sovereign sustainment of the Aegis Weapon System in the absence of planned US onsite support due to COVID19 restrictions. The U.S. team performed the knowledge transfer to the Australian team during the program execution phase which enabled the sovereign talent to deliver the sustainment efforts on the ground in Australia.

It was the first time a Lockheed Martin international team had planned and executed an upgrade to an Aegis-equipped ship outside of the U.S.