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Commitment to Australian Industry

Commercial Requirements for Participating in the FSP-CSI Program

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Welcome to the first edition of our Lockheed Martin Australia industry newsletter focussing on Australia’s Future Submarine Combat System Program. You are receiving this newsletter because you have previously registered your details on our website or at one of our industry forums.

Lockheed Martin is the combat system integrator for the Future Submarine Program, collaborating with the Australian Department of Defence and Naval Group to design a combat system for the future fleet. This is no small undertaking; the last project of this magnitude was the Snowy Hydro Electric Scheme - which gives you an idea of the magnitude of the program. It will reshape how Australian industry engages with major capital investment projects due to its size and longevity.

To date Lockheed Martin Australia has reached out to more than 850 companies and we plan to continue this engagement program to ensure we are across all the capabilities that local industry has to offer. This newsletter will be issued throughout the year, to keep you up to date on the latest program news and let you know of specific opportunities as they arise. We understand that in this information age, the best approach is to cut down on email traffic – so we will only be using your details to communicate with you as required on key notices and event details.

If you have suggestions about what type of information you would like to see, please contact our AIC Team directly on:

We look forward to getting to know each of you, and your industry capabilities over the course of the program.

Commitment to Australian Industry

Here at Lockheed Martin Australia, we are committed to maximising the involvement of Australian industry in all phases of the design, build and sustainment of the Future Submarine Combat System Program. We will do this through active engagement with industry through our portal on the ICN (, ongoing desktop research in to industry capability developments, attendance at trade expos and ongoing 1:1 meetings with industry.

A goal for the Future Submarine Program is to establish a sustainable sovereign submarine capability. This means systems and sub-systems need to have the ability to be operated, maintained, updated and upgraded without undue influence on overseas organisations.

There may be instances where specialist capability may not exist in Australian industry and Lockheed Martin encourages Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to look to Australian industry to provide solutions for the Future Submarine Combat System Program.

Information requests about what sovereign operation & Sustainment means for the Future Submarine Combat System Program can be directed to the Program’s AIC Manager:

Commercial Requirements for Participating in the FSP-CSI Program

We are always looking for opportunities to work with Australian industry suppliers. If you are a supplier and want to enter discussions with our Future Submarine Program Team, you will be required to sign a Lockheed Martin Australia Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and a Confidentiality Deed in favour of the Commonwealth of Australia. These forms will allow discussions of a sensitive nature (being proprietary or consisting of protected, program sensitive information) to take place.

If you have previously attended one of our Combat System Industry Forums, you will be aware of this requirement, as it is mandatory for attendance at these forums.

Here at Lockheed Martin Australia we support teaming and collaboration between suppliers to provide integrated products and services to the Program. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who wish to engage with either a) its Australian business entity in country or b) collaborate with other providers; must ensure a multi-party NDA is implemented. Multi-party NDAs must include Lockheed Martin Australia and all desired parties, partners or potential associates with whom the OEM wishes to engage to conduct business, prior to any discussions of a sensitive nature (being proprietary or consisting of protected, program sensitive information) taking place.

Organisations, particularly SMEs, looking for opportunities to partner or engage with OEMs for Future Submarine Combat System opportunities are encouraged to remind the OEM to instigate the multi-party NDA with Lockheed Martin Australia prior to any technical discussions.

Questions on NDAs, Deeds of Confidentiality and applications to draw up these documents can be sent to Luke Bodzioch – ASCS-CSI SMT Subcontract Manager – email:

Research & Design

The Future Submarine Combat System R&D Program is a joint Program between Defence and Lockheed Martin Australia involving industry and academia working collaboratively to maintain regional superiority of the combat system capability and address emergent threats.

Various levels of activities will be supported with the goal of ensuring Australian R&D Capability Insertion. Activities may include studies, proof of concept demonstrations, working together as an integrated project team in the LMA Combat System Architecture Laboratory (CSAL) for system evaluation, through to production and at-sea testing. At all times Lockheed Martin Australia will maintain the highest ethical standards with the R&D program and demonstrating value for money with the program.

Official calls for R&D submissions will be made periodically throughout the Program and will be published through various channels, including our ICN Portal (

Additional information on our R&D Program can be obtained by emailing the Program’s AIC Manager:


Being a defence program, some elements of the Future Submarine Combat System Program will require the handling and communication of classified information such as reference to technical performance specifications and tolerances.

Participation in commercial opportunities requiring access to this information will require a Negative Vetting 1 (NV1) security clearance level.  Organisations are encouraged to review the security clearances of their staff and facilities now to remove any barriers potentially excluding them from participating in the Future Submarine Combat System Program.

Information on obtaining defence security clearances can be obtained from the Defence Security & Vetting Services (DS&VS):

Reg Smith

Employee Spotlight: Reg Smith

With an impressive background on major Defence Programs such as the Air Warfare Destroyer, Reg Smith brings his significant skills in program management to Lockheed Martin Australia. Reg is the Subcontract Program Manager for the Future Submarine Program. Reg is a recent addition to the Program and leads the team responsible for procurement activities across Optronics, Navigation, Weapons and Countermeasure subsystems

“I have worked in the Defence Industry in South Australia for nearly 30 years, with the last 10 years as part of the combat system team on the Air Warfare Destroyer Program.  Joining the Lockheed Martin Australia Team gives me the opportunity to take my expertise into the complex combat system domain,” said Reg.

For Reg, it is being involved in this early phase of the Program that is rewarding, as it provides real opportunity to influence the establishment of the program.  “The Future Submarine Program is a 30-year endeavour, so to be here at the beginning to make decisions about how we subcontract for the combat system is really exciting,” said Reg.

 “As this is an Australian Program, employing predominately Australian talent, it also gives me the opportunity to help train and develop the next generation of program managers.  Here in Australia we have a great skills base and with programs such as these ones, it will continue to upskill and provide employment opportunities for generations to come. And that is rewarding in itself.”

Design of the Future Submarine has already commenced, with construction due to begin in 2022-23 with the first Future Submarine likely to enter service in the early 2030s.  All 12 Future Submarines will be built in Adelaide with an Australian workforce which is why experienced members of the team, such as Reg, are so vital to the construction and sustainment of the future submarine fleet.

Industry Spotlight

Based in Adelaide, Saab Australia is a Defence, Security and Traffic Management solutions provider specialising in computer-based command and control systems. Employing over 400 Australians, the company is one of the country’s most respected defence and security system integrators and has a large number of highly experienced combat system engineers.

For over thirty years, Saab Australia has developed and integrated technology for the Royal Australian Navy and was a logical choice for Lockheed Martin to provide combat system integration services in support of the Future Submarine Program combat system. This further enhances Lockheed Martin’s maximisation of an Australian workforce and establishment of a sovereign submarine support capability. To learn more visit:

Lockheed Martin Australia

Future Submarine Combat System Integrator Program


Lockheed Martin Australia

Future Submarine Combat System Integrator Program