Defence Satellite Communications

Under Defence project JP9102, Lockheed Martin Australia - Space is poised to deliver a sovereign military satellite communications system to the ADF. That system will leverage Lockheed Martin's long heritage in the development and delivery of some of the world’s most resilient satellite communications networks, including MUOS and AEHF.

For the ADF, satellite communications are a vital capability, especially as it transforms into a force centred around advanced platforms with high bandwidth requirements utilised to support networked operations at greater distances. In short, the use of space has become a largely essential pre-requisite for many types of ADF contingency, especially those at the higher end of the war-fighting spectrum.  

One of the defining features of Lockheed Martin Australia Space’s JP9102 solution will be its comprehensive resilience against an increasingly diverse and evolving portfolio of counter-space threats, recognising the new realities of space as a contested warfighting domain. In space, this means designing a satellite constellation optimised to withstand anti-satellite operations that will employ any combination of electronic warfare (jamming), direct-ascent missiles, and co-orbital anti-satellite operations. Ground segment infrastructure, likewise, must be capable of surviving against the full suite of threats, from cyber and electronic warfare to more traditional forms of strike and sabotage.

Defence Satellite Communications

Lockheed Martin’s JP9102 solution design is being guided by other principles too: sovereignty, agility, and flexibility. Each of these reflects the risk of over-relying on commercial or overseas controlled satcom systems that may be limited in bandwidth, unavailable, or not re-configurable or interoperable in a manner that enables timely support to the most demanding ADF operations.

Finally, Australian Industry Capability (AIC) lies squarely at the heart of our JP9102 offering. Our solution both draws from and contributes to Australia’s defence and space industry capability to an unprecedented extent, with our guiding philosophy being whatever can be done in Australia, should be done in Australia. For Lockheed Martin Australia, this is not just a slogan. Internally, we have built a formidable Australian JP9102 management team that will work side-by-side with the ADF. Externally, we’re working with a large (and growing) network of Australian companies, including Small and medium Enterprises (SMEs), to deliver best-of-breed sovereign solutions and supply chain opportunities for the JP9102 ground and control segments - and beyond.