Advance low emissions technologies with GridStar® Flow

Lockheed Martin Australia responds to the Australian Federal Government’s Technology Investment Roadmap discussion paper.

Lockheed Martin Australia is pleased to provide a response to the Australian Federal Government’s Technology Investment Roadmap discussion paper.  A key goal of this Roadmap is to ensure Australia remains at the forefront of the global low emissions technological innovation.

As Australia continues to advance clean, reliable, secure and affordable energy, the grid will undergo unprecedented change as intermittent, non-dispatchable renewables continue to expand and displace traditional power generation sources. Flexible, long-duration energy storage technology can help balance the grid and deliver significant benefits to Australia’s energy market while fitting within the medium- to long-term electricity opportunities identified in the discussion paper.

Lockheed Martin is commercializing a new energy storage system technology – GridStar® Flow. GridStar Flow is an innovative redox flow battery designed for long-duration, large-capacity energy storage applications. GridStar Flow’s properties enable the system to deliver durability, flexibility and safety, with a competitive total cost of ownership.

By placing a priority on long-duration technologies, such as GridStar Flow, the Australian Federal Government will fill an important gap left by existing storage technologies and address the challenges of integrating large amounts of renewables across geographically diverse regions in Australia.