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Australia's Future Submarine Combat System

Enduring Capability for Assured Sovereignty

Australia’s new submarine isn’t just about securing our maritime approaches. It’s about securing jobs—and investing in the future of Australia’s industrial base. That’s why our Australian combat system team will directly employ hundreds of Australians in addition to sustaining the current submarine combat system workforce. Through our investments in innovation and our 40 years of experience on 100 different submarines from around the world—Lockheed Martin is committed to supporting the security of Australia.


Leveraging 40 years of full lifecycle submarine platform support in eight countries, Lockheed Martin has demonstrated in-depth experience and knowledge in submarine combat system design, test, integration, certification and sustainment.

Proven. Effective. Dependable.

Lockheed Martin designs, develops and integrates submarine combat systems for the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Spain, and others. We’re the U.S. Navy’s submarine combat system integrator, spanning 72 submarines of multiple classes and including new construction submarines and combat system modernisation across the entire fleet. Lockheed Martin’s heritage and experience in the submarine combat system domain spans 40 years.

Submarine Combat System Integrator (CSI)

With experience working with submarine designers and builders through four blocks of the Virginia Class design and build, Lockheed Martin is uniquely positioned to ensure the success of the CSI, delivering superior warfighting capability to Australia's future submarine. We are a proven integrator and will tailor our successful USS Virginia Class processes for the combat system integration role for Australia’s future submarine fleet. Our unmatched experienced in concurrent submarine and combat system design offers a low risk and proven methodology.

Lockheed Martin is committed to a long term sovereign capability for the future submarine fleet in Australia. To demonstrate our commitment Lockheed Martin is building a Submarine Combat System Laboratory at our Mawson Lakes facility in Adelaide, South Australia. 
Submarine CSI

The Submarine Combat System Laboratory

  • A reconfigurable submarine command centre designed to test and validate concepts of operations in a simulated operational environment
  • Built for collaboration with submarine hull designers and Australian industries to reduce the design and development costs of the combat system
  • Dedicated to bringing proven technologies to the next generation of Australian submarines

The lab will be open for use by participants involved in the development of the combat system integration role for Australia’s future submarine fleet. We will have open access to the laboratory consistent with our open business model. 

The initial phase will leverage our investments in Australia of approximately $3M in hardware and submarine combat system functionality. Phase two is planned for completion in 3rd quarter of 2016 and will be fully capable of supporting the initiatives borne from refinement of the requirements for the Future Submarine Combat System and the successful combat system integration on the U.S. Virginia Class. This laboratory will help facilitate an enterprise-wide approach for the Future Submarine Combat System development as well as overall CSI design, construction risk reduction activities.
Submarine CSI
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