Telemetry Tracking and Command Services

Lockheed Martin has a well-established footprint in the Australian space community, with the formation of a Tracking, Telemetry and Control ground station at Uralla, New South Wales, around 20 years ago.

Our Uralla facility is a critical component of a global network of earth station facilities used to support commercial satellites through launch and transfer orbit into the satellites’ intended final location in geostationary orbit.

The Uralla facility is also essential to providing communications during a satellite’s initial in-orbit testing, which is a necessary technical and contractual step prior to the owner/operator seeking to use the satellite to provide services for which it is intended.

With a ready local workforce capable of supporting operations on a 24-hour basis, Lockheed Martin Australia’s facility at Uralla is equipped with two 14 metre full motion antennas that operate in Ku and C band. A third, limited motion 4 metre antenna provides additional Ku band capability. The facility has land available to host additional antennas and features an existing full motion antenna pedestal which is available for use. With excellent horizon visibility in all directions, ample technical power availability and ready access to spectrum licensing, the Uralla site is able to readily host additional LEO, MEO and GEO services.

TT and C
Overhead image of LMA’s Space Telemetry, Tracking and Control Facility, including surplus land available for hosted teleport services.