21st Century Security

The Canadian Armed Forces face fast-moving and sophisticated challenges.  

It takes a network of platforms, sensors, and command and control to detect, deter, and defeat them.
21st Century Security is about taking the best of defence and commercial technology to make forces agile, adaptive, and unpredictable, so they stay ready for any mission – today and for decades to come.

All domains. All working together. For all of Canada.

21st Century Security isn’t just an updated system, but a new standard of architecture and open-system integration. Canada and allied partners require deterrence platforms that are interoperable and networked into an ecosystem designed for a new standard of connected protection.


At Lockheed Martin, our purpose is to ensure those we serve always stay ahead of ready.

It's our identity, our culture, and our promise.

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Delivering 21st Century Security requires 21st century talent.

To create this new standard of architecture and open-system integration, we're hiring individuals with a particular set of skills across disciplines and backgrounds, from machine learning to software engineering.

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