Feature Stories

The new Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) will be the world’s most advanced and modern combat ship, equipped with next generation technology to support the men and women of the Royal Canadian Navy as they fulfill their wide range of missions around the world, from humanitarian assistance to high-intensity conflicts, for the next 30+ years. Keep reading to learn more about this capable, Canadian-built ship.
Lockheed Martin Canada knows how partnership can drive innovation and industrial benefits. Leading the design team for the Canadian Surface Combatant program, the ship’s modular design and open architecture provide significant Canadian content on the program and allows Canadian industry to play a leading role in through-life support and upgrade, delivering long term economic benefit to Canada.
The year—2030. The location—the Pacific Ocean. Combat ships are circling a controversial swath of open ocean. The 2 million-square-mile territory is strategically important for military navigation and multiple countries are claiming control.
With an ever-evolving landscape of threats, our warfighters look danger in the eye every day. They depend on reliable, advanced technology built specifically for their unique network of assets.
Over the course of 2020, Lockheed Martin Canada is proud to have dedicated $370,000 CAD to support efforts related to COVID-19 relief. This charitable giving will help support the communities in which we live and work and will provide assistance to some of the most vulnerable populations across Canada.
Lockheed Martin Canada is proud to mentor our next generation of high-tech professionals through exciting and challenging co-op opportunities across Canada.  This year, we were thrilled to have received Dalhousie’s Engineering Services Co-op Employer of Choice Award for 2020! 
Lockheed Martin Canada has been a sponsor of the STEAM Horizon Awards since its inception in 2016. The STEAM Horizon Awards consists of $25,000 scholarships for five exemplary students to use towards their post-secondary education in a STEAM field.