Seven Things You Should Know About Canadian Surface Combatant

Seven Things You Should Know About Canadian Surface Combatant
June 30, 2020
The new Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) will be an advanced and modern combat ship, equipped with next generation technology to support the men and women of the Royal Canadian Navy as they fulfill their wide range of missions around the world, from humanitarian assistance to high-intensity conflicts, for the next 40+ years. Keep reading to learn more about this capable, Canadian-built ship. 


1.   The Canadian Surface Combatant replaces the existing HALIFAX Class ships and will serve for 40+ years. 

Introduced into service in the 1990s, Canada’s HALIFAX class ships have been in the fleet for almost 30 years, and many of the companies who helped design and then modernize these ships are also on the Canadian Surface Combatant team. 
Lockheed Martin Canada Halifax Class Modernization


2.   The new ships will be capable of serving multiple missions around the globe.

CSC will be capable of serving missions ranging from humanitarian aid to high intensity conflict missions. The ships will be built in Canada and will support Royal Canadian Navy men and women in deployments around the globe. In fact, CSC will be fully interoperable with 5-eyes and NATO nations.
CSC Around the Globe
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3.   The Canadian Surface Combatant partners collectively employ more than 10,000 people in Canada – with thousands more in future high-value job creation.

CSC reinvigorates Canadian shipbuilding, engineering and design jobs for the next three decades. CSC partners boast a collective Canadian workforce in more than 45 facilities with over 4,000 Canadian supplier contracts. The program is positioned to deliver significant economic benefits to Canada, projected to be measured in billions of dollars over the life of the program. This economic activity spans advancements in Canadian technology and manufacturing, development of Canada’s small and medium enterprise sector, investments in research and development, and increased international presence through global export opportunities.
jobs in Canada


4.  CSC is designed with state-of-the-art technology to keep Royal Canadian Navy sailors safe as they serve our country.

The ship is designed for maximum survivability and the world’s best acoustic performance. This means the ship is hardened against adversary actions, and more difficult for submarines to detect. 
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5.  The “brain” of the ship, its Combat Management System, called CMS 330, is developed and manufactured in Canada by Canadians.

CMS 330 manages the tactical environment and provides the operations team with all the tools necessary to perform a large range of complex missions. This ensures our sailors stay out of harm’s way while they effectively combat hostile threats to protect Canada and our allies. CMS 330 is based on 30+ years’ experience and knowledge of Canadian and NATO naval operations. 
CMS 330 development at Lockheed Martin Canada


6.  The ship will have the world’s most advanced radar system, giving Canadian sailors the most advanced awareness and best defence possible.

Lockheed Martin’s SPY-7 radar is a modular and scalable solid-state radar, which allows for continuous surveillance and protection. This capability will provide Canada and other partner nations with next generation technology.


7.  CSC was designed with longevity in mind – this ship will grow and change as the Royal Canadian Navy’s needs evolve. 

Designed completely digitally with a modern toolset, and with the greatest design margin for growth, CSC can respond and adapt to add new capability as the Royal Canadian Navy needs it. 
CSC digital design
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