Inspiring the next generation of STEM champions

Inspiring the next generation of STEM champions: Lockheed Martin Canada's STEM Council introduces youth across the country to rewarding STEM career opportunities

March 25, 2024

At Lockheed Martin Canada, we know that the future of Canada’s defence and security relies on tomorrow’s scientists, engineers and mathematicians. As Canada’s trusted defence partner, we believe we have a commitment and shared responsibility to promote and encourage youth to explore careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Lockheed Martin Canada’s STEM Council is at the heart of our STEM education support and outreach initiatives for youth. Since 2015, the council has supported programs, events and campaigns to expand STEM education for young people in all the communities in which we work – from Victoria, BC to Halifax, NS.

March is National Engineering Month. We spoke to Graham Pateman, lead of Lockheed Martin’s STEM Council, about the work the council does to promote youth in engineering:

“The STEM Council’s goal is to promote STEM education across various age groups. We work with like-minded community organizations, school groups and university clubs to engage with youth and show them the possibilities of what a future in science, technology, engineering and math can look like.”

Members of the STEM Council are recruited from across Lockheed Martin Canada and together make decisions on where and how to spend sponsorship dollars to best support youth in STEM. This diverse team of volunteers is connected by a common cause – a passion for supporting and inspiring young people with an interest in STEM.

“Our council is almost entirely volunteer based. It’s a good opportunity to give back to the community.”

The council is focused on introducing students to the wide array of opportunities available in the field, and demonstrating what a career in STEM might look like for them. By engaging students and youth, the council not only opens doors for young people, but also benefits the STEM community as a whole, ensuring industries that rely on these skills and subjects can continue to grow and thrive.

A young STEM student working on a robot
A young STEM student working on a robot

For Graham, the impact of the council’s work is apparent in every student who participates in its programs:

“I have been supporting the STEM Council long enough to see students that we’ve presented to or sponsored come to apply at Lockheed. That in itself is a very special thing, even if it makes me feel old! The modules that we offer also introduce students to concepts and technologies in new and exciting ways. If someone walks away knowing something more about STEM, then we’ve achieved our goal.”

As passionate advocates of STEM education, we believe collaboration between industry, educators, policymakers and families is the best way to ensure everyone has the opportunity to pursue a future in STEM. We continue to prioritize student engagement and achievement, teacher development, and gender and ethnic diversity to inspire our nation’s future workforce.

To learn more about STEM Council please contact Graham Pateman, .