Discover the Dream Job - Training Canada’s Next Generation Sailors

Discover the Dream Job - Training Canada’s Next Generation Sailors
June 30, 2020

Meet Kate O'Neill, Technical Training Associate Manager at Lockheed Martin Canada, who oversees training programs, including the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC). In her role, she works with a team to develop training curriculums and will oversee CSC’s training execution to ensure the Royal Canadian Navy's vision is instilled in all processes.

CSC is a once in a generation program that encompasses design, system integration, shipbuilding, testing, and training capabilities. Lockheed Martin Canada is partnered with BAE Systems, CAE, L3Harris, MDA and Ultra Electronics to design this advanced and modern multi-role ship. 

Kate O'Neill

Training to Operate and Master the Technology

The CSC design integrates innovations from Canadian companies, including Lockheed Martin Canada's internationally renowned combat management system, CMS 330. The ship systems will come together to provide operators with a complete picture of the surrounding environment, ensuring situational awareness and intelligence to react quickly.  Perhaps most critical to the CSC’s mission success is the training to operate and master the technology.

“Our training design sets the stage at the very outset to ensure that the pillars of naval training transformation are achieved through our training plans and programs," Kate said. “From courseware to the operational simulation, we make sure we're delivering the best technology and the best tactics to align with the Royal Canadian Navy's idea of where they want to go to engage and enable the future." 

Adaptable Technology for the Missions of Today and Tomorrow

CSC is adopting adaptable technology for the missions of tomorrow. In 30-40 years, CSC will still be operational with new sailors coming into the fold for training. The technology used today must evolve over time with the future of maritime vessels.

"It is imperative that our design accounts for technology insertion throughout the life of the program,” Kate said. "Creating a mechanism to easily integrate emerging and new ‘best of breed’ technologies is key to a training solution that will remain operational for a generation. It’s a truly collaborative effort."

Proven Training Outcomes

The Lockheed Martin Canada team brings proven experience working collaboratively with customers and industry partners, and an unwavering focus on CSC's mission.

"On the training side, we're working really well with Nova Scotia’s Fleetway and Montreal’s CAE to analyze the training needs for the future," Kate said. “Partnerships are key and Lockheed Martin Canada’s open and transparent approach brings the full team together under core objectives.”

 "We know that the Royal Canadian Navy has already appreciated the capabilities of our programs of record, like HALIFAX modernization, both in terms of training and simulations," Kate said. "The Royal Canadian Navy has commented on the operational realism we were able to bring to those training experiences as well as the quality of knowledge that our instructors bring to the classroom. I am excited to bring this experience and advanced technology to Canada’s next generation of sailors!"

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