Partnership Driving Innovation and Industrial Benefits

Partnership Driving Innovation and Industrial Benefits
June 30, 2020

Lockheed Martin Canada knows how partnership can drive innovation and industrial benefits. Leading the design team for the Canadian Surface Combatant program, the ship’s modular design and open architecture provide significant Canadian content on the program and allows Canadian industry to play a leading role in through-life support and upgrade, delivering long term economic benefit to Canada.

One such example is Lockheed Martin Canada’s RAVEN Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) system. ECM systems are designed to deny targeting information to an adversary’s radar, sonar or other detection systems like infrared or lasers.

RAVEN was an integral part of Lockheed Martin Canada’s proposal for the CSC combat system, designed to increase the survivability and overall protection of the ship and the lives of the brave men and women of its crew. RAVEN will allow the Royal Canadian Navy to engage in missions with greater confidence than ever before and has the capability to respond to modern threats as they evolve over time.

Lockheed Martin Canada RAVEN

To support the design of RAVEN for CSC, Lockheed Martin Canada will add approximately 20 new highly skilled technical positions to its workforce. While designed for Canada, the ITAR-free RAVEN surface ship ECM is also an exportable product and technology for the global surface ship market.

RAVEN also incorporates proven technologies from Canadian partners and suppliers, supporting both the Canadian defence industry and the greater economy. Lockheed Martin Canada partner, MDA, can now leverage the significant global market for the unique operational capabilities of its Laser Countermeasures Solution, to provide high-value asset protection. Ottawa-based MC Countermeasures Inc. (MCCM), a pioneer and world leader in predictive ECM receiver technology will receive over $50M in new ECM business from Lockheed Martin Canada, allowing it to expand its business and Canadian work force.

Building on a legacy of innovation, expertise and success in the naval domain, RAVEN will bring unrivalled capabilities to the RCN’s fleet, protecting the brave men and women that serve our country while stimulating the Canadian economy.