The Power of Mentorship

The Power of Mentorship: 

Lockheed Martin Canada Engineers Continue to Support

Carleton University’s Women in Engineering & IT Program

November 02, 2023

For the past three years, Lockheed Martin Canada has been a proud partner and sponsor of Carleton University’s Women in Engineering and IT (WiE&IT) Program. One of the first industry and government sponsored programs of its kind in Canada, Carleton’s WiE&IT program seeks to provide young women with the tools and knowledge for a successful transition into the workforce and foster opportunities for students to connect with professional influencers.

Ultimately, the program shines a spotlight on the power of mentorship and the importance of creating opportunities to connect with women role models— especially in fields where they are underrepresented.

This cause immediately resonated with Lockheed Martin Canada’s employees. Over the years, multiple Lockheed Martin employees have graciously volunteered their time to participate in the program as mentors and role models—sharing their experience, career journeys, and advice with students who will soon be entering the STEM workforce.

Recently, Lockheed Martin Canada’s Software Engineers, Lori Smigelski and Zoë MacDonald, participated in a Mentorship Night focused on networking skills and strategies. In total, 67 students attended the event, eager to connect with professionals and learn about their lived experiences as women in STEM fields.

Here is what Lockheed Martin’s employees had to say about their experience:

Lori: “The program creates an environment where women can understand the challenges, celebrate the successes and encourage each other throughout their education and careers.”

Zoë“I had a great time, I only wish it could have been longer. All the women I talked to seemed brilliant, driven, engaged – it barely felt like they needed my advice, but I was happy to give what wisdom I could to the next generation.”

Their advice to women entering the industry? Believe in yourself, even through the challenging times.

Lori: “Know that you can succeed, and your expertise is valuable.”

Zoë: “Don’t be afraid to stand out and find your niche. Surround yourself with people who know your strengths well and they will have your name on their lips when they might encounter opportunities that fit your skills and interests.”

Mentorship opportunities like these provide a crucial support system to help women feel comfortable and gain essential skills for success in the workplace.

Both student attendees and mentors enjoyed the evening, and conversations continued well past the end of the event.

Lori“I see the Women in Engineering & IT program creating a strong community and support system for women in STEM.”

Zoë: “I think it’s a great program not only because it directly provides advice, mentorship, and resources to women who are underrepresented in the field, but also just by existing and being visible proves that their people putting in the effort to achieve that equality, which can mean a lot to students just getting into the field.”