Experiencing Life Aboard Te Kaha

Experiencing Life Aboard Te Kaha
May 11, 2021

Emily Lewis and Sarah Redmond started with Lockheed Martin Canada as co-op students and they haven’t looked back. Both are employed as software engineers working on Lockheed Martin Canada’s Combat Management System (CMS), called CMS 330. Recently their project took them to the far side of the globe, from Canada to New Zealand on a  three-week sail aboard HMNZS Te Kaha, one of two Anzac-class frigates serving in the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN).

“For me, getting to see what I work on day-to-day, and actually seeing it used in an operational environment was such a privilege. We got to see close-up how they use the software, and how we can build on the work we have done to support our customer, the RNZN,” said Emily.

Emily Lewis
Emily Lewis

Providing Superior Capabilities and Advanced Protection

As prime systems integrator, Lockheed Martin Canada was responsible for integrating an upgraded CMS 330 combat management system, as well as a new suite of sensors and weapons on Anzac Class Frigate, HMNZS Te Kaha. The modernization provided the RNZN crew with superior capabilities and advanced protection for a variety of modern naval operations. The Lockheed Martin Canada team is also modernizing a second Anzac Class frigate, HMNZS Te Mana.

Designing and developing new software for new and existing weapon and sensor subsystems is what software engineers Emily and Sarah do best. Onboard Te Kaha they took advantage of the opportunity to work with the customer (RNZN) to ensure their software requirements were met. They worked shoulder to shoulder with the crew in the operation room of the ship, providing technical support and observing how their software was being applied in real-world, real-time scenarios.

“It was so interesting to sit with a group of sailors to hear what software they find the most useful, and demonstrate to them software functions we had designed that they had yet to use,” said Sarah. “On the ship it was really cool to see how our project - our software, integrates seamlessly into the entire combat management system, making the whole system functional and safe. At one point we actually got to see how they use CMS 330 in an real emergency situation and how our work helps deter threats, keeps them safe, and supports the overall mission - like a search and rescue situations at sea. It was incredible.” 

All Work and No Play...

The two engineers took advantage of their down time to immerse themselves in life aboard Te Kaha, participating in daily physical exercise time, and a Crossing the Line Ceremony - highlighting when the ship crossed the equator. They quickly found their sea legs and experienced little to no sea sickness on their three-week journey to New Zealand. The ate their meals in the mess and even got used to the bumps and bruises that come with living surrounded by solid metal. Once making land in New Zealand the software engineers spent a further three months supporting the project.

“On the ship we saw the New Zealand sailors in action, using CMS 330. On land we worked hard to make sure they were technically well-supported in the time we had with them. As Lockheed Martin Canada engineers our objective when we arrived in New Zealand was to leave Te Kaha sailors feeling confident in the system and safe while at sea.”

Emily Lewis, a new home-owner finds herself tackling a lot of DIY projects in her spare time. When she needs a break from her interior projects she can be found in the great outdoors, hiking with her dog, or travelling. Her local SPCA is close to her heart and she volunteers there as often as she can.

Sarah Redmond loves rock climbing, hiking, camping, and takes time to appreciate nature in any way possible. She describes herself as creative, relaxing through creating art, and experimenting in perfecting healthy plant-based recipes for the cookbook she is currently writing.

Emily Lewis and Sarah Redmond aboard Te-Kaha
Photo by LWT Isaac Inwood-Reardon

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