S-92® Helicopter

S-92® Major Discriminators

Spacious Cabin with Rear Ramp

Spacious Cabin with Rear Ramp

  • 1.83m high x 2.01m wide x 6.10m long
  • Multi-configurable cabin box
  • Rear ramp operable in flight with 455kg capacity
93% Availability Rate

93% Availability Rate

  • Highest in Class
  • 2 Million Fleet Flight Hours
  • 300+ Aircraft Fielded
Less Maintenance & Lower Total Life Cycle Cost

Less Maintenance & Lower Total Life Cycle Cost

  • 67% fewer Scheduled Maintenance Man Hours
  • 74% fewer Scheduled Maintenance Events & Tasks
  • No Major Inspection required

A Strong S-92® Team

Rheinmetall and Sikorsky have been working together in various procurement projects since 2009, most recently on the Heavy Transport Helicopter (STH) procurement program. As teammates, Rheinmetall’s role in the CH-53K campaign includes maintenance, repairs, training and documentation.

S-92: Best-in-class Cabin Volume, Availability, and Life Cycle Costs

With more than 2 million fleet flight hours and nearly 95% availability, the S-92® helicopter is the industry’s standard for safety and reliability. The S-92 helicopter performs a variety of missions, including offshore oil transportation, search and rescue, Head of State and airline missions. The S-92 has unmatched advantages with a spacious cabin with rear ramp and less maintenance and lower total life cycle costs.

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Source: Aircontact Services AS, used with permission
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Sikorsky Delivers S-92® Helicopter To Korea Coast Guard
Oct 11, 2022
Press Release
The third S-92 helicopter was delivered to the Korea Coast Guard, on track to deliver a fourth next year.
Sikorsky S-92® Helicopter Fleet Surpasses 2 Million Flight Hours
Jul 26, 2022
Press Release
S-92s are used by major oil and gas companies and have completed more than 91,000 search and rescue missions.
Operating all-weather SAR on Ireland's coast
Jun 30, 2022
Third Party Article
CHC Ireland has held the Irish Coast Guard contract for more than 20 years.
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