S-92® Helicopter

S-92® Major Discriminators

Spacious Cabin with Rear Ramp

Spacious Cabin with Rear Ramp

  • 1.83m high x 2.01m wide x 6.10m long
  • Multi-configurable cabin box
  • Rear ramp operable in flight with 455kg capacity
93% Availability Rate

93% Availability Rate

  • Highest in Class
  • 2 Million Fleet Flight Hours
  • 300+ Aircraft Fielded
Less Maintenance & Lower Total Life Cycle Cost

Less Maintenance & Lower Total Life Cycle Cost

  • 67% fewer Scheduled Maintenance Man Hours
  • 74% fewer Scheduled Maintenance Events & Tasks
  • No Major Inspection required

S-92: Best-in-class Cabin Volume, Availability, and Life Cycle Costs

With more than 2 million fleet flight hours and nearly 95% availability, the S-92® helicopter is the industry’s standard for safety and reliability. The S-92 helicopter performs a variety of missions, including offshore oil transportation, search and rescue, Head of State and airline missions. The S-92 has unmatched advantages with a spacious cabin with rear ramp and less maintenance and lower total life cycle costs.

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Mar 04, 2024
Third Party Article
Sikorsky readies production ramp-up for its S-92 heavy twin.
Oct 11, 2022
Press Release
The third S-92 helicopter was delivered to the Korea Coast Guard, on track to deliver a fourth next year.
Jul 26, 2022
Press Release
S-92s are used by major oil and gas companies and have completed more than 91,000 search and rescue missions.
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