UK Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (UK CATT)

Lockheed Martin UK’s Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (CATT) facility is a networked suite of simulators used to train British Army personnel across all roles including front-line soldiers, crews and brigade commanders using computer generated forces to represent varying threat scenarios.

Based at two sites, the British Army Land Warfare Centre in Warminster and in Sennelager in Germany, it covers an area the size of three football pitches and consists of over 200 networked simulators linked in a virtual and immersive training environment. CATT can simulate a combat area of over 10,000 square kilometres (3,800 square miles) and accommodates over 400 warfighters training together as a coherent formed unit.

CATT is critical to British Army mission readiness cycle and has trained more than 125,000 troops since it opened in in 2002 and provides more than 15,000 training days per year.


UK CATT facility


CATT creates a high-pressure computer training environment using realistic scenarios involving vehicles, aircraft, soldiers and commanders as well as civilian population, insurgents and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) such as charities and television crews.

The importance of CATT continues to grow over given the unique ability to provide large scale comprehensive, cost-effective high quality totally immersive training. It is able to adapt to the needs of the training audience to meet the ever-changing demands of contingency training and operational readiness training delivering flexible, adaptable training in a near real environment allowing armoured and dismounted formations to prepare for specific missions or contingency missions.

CATT continues to evolve to adapt to the changing needs of the British Army with continued investment to support future capabilities.

20 Years of CATT

Marking the 20th anniversary of UK CATT in 2022, the system continues to adapt with the operational environment, providing a cost-effective method to incorporate the latest technologies and training scenarios.
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