Open Source Software

Open Source at Lockheed Martin is essential to our software development philosophy—it’s what our products are built on and it informs every part of how we develop software and deliver it to our customers.

Why Open Source


Why Free and Open Source Software?


Free and open source software is used widely across the industry and is routinely a part of commercial hardware and software.


Modern software development, including new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, are driven by free and open source software.


Free and open source software is a major source of software reuse. Open source software enables our company to deliver products faster and more efficiently.



Projects to Maintain


Projects We Maintain

Lockheed Martin prioritizes contributions to projects that further open standards for secure software supply chain development and cyber security. As part of our strategy, we also want contributions to be open for all suppliers.

The following projects are maintained by Lockheed Martin and align with our open source philosophy:



Hoppr is your software bill of materials and secure software supply-chain utility kit. Built on a simple plugin architecture, Hoppr can collect, process, and bundle your digital assets to streamline transfers.


Droppr is a command line tool to facilitate the unpacking of bundles created by Hoppr. Droppr is written in the Go language and produces a single executable to simplify installation and usage.


Hoppr-Cop is a command line interface and Python library that generates high quality vulnerability information from a CycloneDX software bill of materials. 


DART is a test documentation tool created by the Lockheed Martin Red Team to document and report on penetration tests, especially in isolated network environments.


ParseLab, a tool/framework created by Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories, generates protocol parsers, fuzz protocol messages and provides the services necessary for building custom protocol parser generators.


Ptolemaeus is a Java mathematics library that extends the Hipparchus mathematics library and includes support for hyper-dimensional geometry, weighted non-linear least-squares optimization, linear algebra over R^n and C^n, and non-linear dynamics.



Projects we support


Projects We Support








Lockheed Martin employees sharing insights and projects at Open Source conferences.





Latest News

Jan 04, 2024
Third Party Article
OpenSSF Associate Members and General Members and the Community elected their representatives to the Governing Board and we elected a new and expanded Technical Advisory Council (TAC).
Dec 13, 2023
Third Party Article
We’re happy to announce the launch of SBOMit – a tool to add in-toto attestations to SBOMs (Software Bills of Material).
Aug 28, 2023
Third Party Article
This release adds support for GitLab and brings the project closer to its longer-term goal of supporting all types of hosted repositories.