Sikorsky, A 100-year legacy of innovation

Sikorsky, A 100-year legacy of innovation

Pioneering Flight Solutions that Bring People Home Everywhere, Every Time.

Our founder, Igor Sikorsky, came to America inspired with dreams about designing and building aircraft for a nascent industry. 100 years ago, he created the innovation business we now know as Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company. From humble beginnings, he and generations of Sikorsky employees built on those early ideas, creating an entirely new field of aviation with the first practical helicopter and increasingly advanced versions in the decades that followed. This invention, in the capable hands of aircrews around the world, has become a powerful tool for saving lives and performing missions in the direst and most dangerous conditions. Our customers’ missions motivate us to continue innovating and improving our aircraft and how we build them. For 100 years, we’ve been pioneering flight solutions that bring people home everywhere, every time…that mission inspires us every day, and it always will.

Sikorsky, A Lockheed Martin Company, Celebrates 100 Years of Innovation

One hundred years ago, immigrant and aviation pioneer Igor Sikorsky founded Sikorsky Aero Engineering Company on a chicken farm near Roosevelt Field, on Long Island New York. With a small team of engineers, many of whom who were also immigrants who fled the Russian Revolution, Igor established his new company and started work on development of a new fixed-wing aircraft, the S-29A.

Supporting Our Customers

The mission of our customers is at the heart of everything we do. It's what inspires us to innovate- bringing safer, stronger, and more capable aircraft to the crews that need them.

Igor Sikorsky Inspires Generations Of Innovation On 134th Anniversary Of His Birth

Igor Sikorsky came to America as a refugee, led the creation of the rotorcraft industry and spurred engineering progress. After 100 years, the aviation innovation company he created still inspires those who work here.
Igor I. Sikorsky Archives

Igor I. Sikorsky Archives

The mission of the Igor I. Sikorsky Historical Archives is to acquire, manage, protect and make accessible to qualified persons for research and educational purposes, historical documents and memorabilia associated with Igor I. Sikorsky, his life and his careers in aviation, and the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.

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