Military Relations Managers





Meet the team dedicated to transitioning service members and the military community. 




Carlos "Ace" Arcila 

Military Affiliation: Navy Veteran




Josh Baggett

Military Affiliation: Army Veteran




Paul Gallagher

Military Affiliation: Air Force Veteran




Kristin Martinez

Military Affiliation: Army Veteran




Ray Jokie

Military Affiliation: Air Force Veteran




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Our Continue Your Mission (CYM) network is designed for military community members interested in working at Lockheed Martin. By enrolling, your qualifications will be reviewed by our military relations managers, who will match you with suitable roles and guide you through the recruitment process.
We encourage all members of the military community seeking employment at Lockheed Martin to enroll in the CYM program for dedicated support and opportunities.
The Lockheed Martin Heroes Program supports members of the military community looking to gain valuable civilian work experience by participating in internships, SkillBridge opportunities, or other fellowships.
We offer structured training to prepare participants for meaningful careers beyond military service.
With over 2,000 active members from all corners of the military community, our MilVet business resource group is dedicated to providing mutual support and fostering meaningful connections. We actively recruit new members from the military community to join our organization, ensuring that their unique skills and experiences contribute to our success. Together, we strengthen our community, advance our mission, and create a supportive environment for all.