Meaningful Internships Leads to Full-Time Opportunity

Meaningful Internship Leads to Full-Time Opportunity

Meet Brooke, Program Planner for Missiles and Fire Control

April 20, 2023

During my sophomore year of college at Texas A&M University, where I was studying Industrial Engineering, I began my search for a summer internship. On my quest to find something that not only fit me and my degree, but that would also provide a valuable learning experience and a possible future career, I stumbled upon Program Planning. I interviewed for the internship for the summer of 2017 and was very fortunate to learn enough during this short summer that I was not only invited, but excited to return for a second summer in 2018. Fast forward to 2020, and I have been in my full-time position for about seven months.

One thing that remained constant throughout those two summers, and now my full-time position, was the willingness for other planners to support and teach me. Through their support, I was able to find and grow in a career that I felt best fit my skills: attention to detail, logic-based thinking, problem solving and communication. I have found Program Planning to be a career that offers exposure to many different people, processes and disciplines within Lockheed Martin.

During my two summers as an intern I was surprised, impressed, and thankful for leadership and my ‘buddy’ treating me as a fellow employee, not just an intern. I was not given remedial tasks, but instead was trained to execute programs on my own. This has allowed me to come back full time as a valuable member of my team. I am excited to continue contributing to my program teams and to the Program Planning organization. Thanks to Program Planning’s excellent leadership, I am confident that my career will take me in many exciting directions!


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