The Minds Behind - 5G.Mil - Sundeep

The Minds Behind – 5G.MIL® Unified Network Solutions

August 30, 2023

Lockheed Martin's 5G.MIL® Unified Network Solutions provide cohesive communications, edge processing and advanced networking capabilities for interoperable, resilient and secure connectivity and data flow across all domains. With our industry experience, mission expertise and strategic commercial relationships, we're ready to assist our customers in rapidly and affordably fielding, scaling and deploying this transformative technology.

Use these stories to discover the unique career journeys of our talented 5G.MI® Unified Network Solutions team members. Gain insights from their advice for the future workforce, learn about their daily responsibilities and witness how Lockheed Martin has supported their career growth. 

Meet Sundeep, a Senior Systems Architect with Lockheed Martin Space

Describe your career path to get to Lockheed Martin.

After working with different teams and experienced professionals in different countries for over 17 years, I got an opportunity to work in the Space division of Lockheed Martin. I was curious about how 5G communications could work from space. The concept of the 5G use case piqued my interest and I wanted to try a new work culture.

How has Lockheed Martin supported your career growth at the company?

When I started at Lockheed Martin Space, I felt like a fresh graduate again. I was encouraged to learn and attend trainings that piqued my interest and which offered value to me and my team. Joining the 5G.MIL Solutions team has been the biggest benefit for my professional growth. I get to work and learn from some the industry’s most experienced engineers, Lockheed Martin’s Senior Fellows. 

Sundeep, testing the latest 5G device to see how it can transform the way we communicate and connect.
With 5G.MIL, I can see firsthand how 5G technology and its use cases can impact and help our Department of Defense customers and national security.
working on server

Sundeep, using 5G to connect and control unmanned systems.


Describe your day-to-day in your current role.

My typical day starts with a Scrum call. Following that, I get to work with team members to help with any technical roadblocks. For me, this is the best part of the day because the engineer in me gets a kick out of every time I get my hands dirty. Some days we have internal meetings with management and other teams to help define and align program goals and our vision for 5G.MIL Unified Network Solutions. The day usually ends with a call with partners to discuss how they can help us achieve our vision.

What made you decide to get involved with 5G.Mil technology?

For the almost two decades I worked in the commercial telecom industry, we were always focused on the product and solution in front of us. I was always interested in the bigger picture. The question I always wanted to know was, “How is my work today helping a customer or end user?” With 5G.MIL Solutions, I can see firsthand how 5G technology and its use cases can positively affect and help our Department of Defense customers and our national security.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering a similar career path?

Find a mentor! Experience and knowledge are something that cannot be learned just from books. In the same way, mentor someone else to pass on your knowledge. A mentor can teach you about what happened in the past; a mentee teaches you about what is coming in the future.

What do you do with your off-Friday?

I work a flexible (9/80, 4/10) schedule where I put in my 40 hours and get every Friday off – or “Off Fridays.”  This makes Fridays my flex day. Some days I go for long runs or bike rides, or take my wife for lunch. Since I recently moved to a new place, some Fridays I just fix things around my new house.

Why would you recommend Lockheed Martin as a wonderful place to work?

To me, culture is a very important factor for a good place to work. Culture is built by people you work with and the people at Lockheed have been very respectful, encouraging and truly great. 

Enjoying a hike on an off-Friday