Supporting our Military Veterans Through Community

We Got Your Six!

A strong show of support for our Military Veteran's and Spouses during the annual "MilVet" Leadership Forum.

May 03, 2023

Our Military Veterans business resource group (BRG) convened for its annual leadership forum and to kick off Military Appreciation Month.

The forum was designed to bring together Lockheed Martin executive leadership, military relations managers and our veteran and military spouse workforce for networking, fellowship, sharing recruiting and retention strategies and encouraging employee engagement.

The theme of this year’s forum was “Got Your Six”, a military phrase that dates to World War I when pilots were the first to use it to say we’ve got you covered so the enemy can’t come behind your back and attack you. 

Gregg Bauer, Vice President & General Manager and Co-Chair of the Military Veterans BRG shared, “Got Your Six,” recognizes that we’re here to support each other. When folks leave the military and enter the civilian workforce, they often need help. We’re here to support our veterans, we’re your wingman, we’ve got your back and we want you to flourish at Lockheed Martin.”

Co-Chair Greg Bauer
Gregg Bauer
Co-Chair Jessica Serafin
Jessica Serafin

Throughout the 2023 Military Veteran Leadership Forum a broad range of speakers shared what it means to have each other’s “6” and the importance of looking out for one another.

I felt the theme was present throughout the entire two-day conference, we talked about it in our networking events, and every one of our speakers brought it into their discussions. We learned about stories of people having their six, and it was certainly the highlight of this event,” shared Jessica Serafin, Director Finance and Business Operations & Co-Chair Military Veterans BRG.



USO Carer Package


The forum also featured community-building activities that included a Ruck the Reserve trip to the National Mall, assembling 3,100 USO care packages for deployed service members, and a home rehab project with Rebuilding Together benefitting a retired Vietnam soldier and his wife of fifty years.

Forum participants attended a veteran and spouse hiring panel discussion with Lockheed Martin partners Hiring Our HeroesAmerican Corporate Partners (ACP), and Student Veterans of America. Beyond the forum, whether you’re a transitioning service member, a veteran, or a military spouse, Lockheed Martin’s military relations managers are always available to assist. Our military relations team is active year-round at recruiting events and offers support through programs like Handshake 2 Hire and Lockheed Martin Heroes.

“Got Your Six is about taking care of one another. If we’re on this side, we will take care of you to get you to this side. Sometimes our advice ultimately doesn’t get you a job at Lockheed Martin, but our advice can help you land your next career,” said Carlos “Ace” Arcila, EO, Military Relations Manager & Talent Acquisition, “we often say we don’t care where you land if you land on your feet. If we can provide you help to start your career somewhere else, maybe somewhere down the line you’ll come back and start a career with us.”



Carlos, Military Relations Manager
Carlos Arcila