Celebrating Your Authenticity

Celebrating Your Authenticity

Raashi, a member of both the Women’s Impact Network and Professional Asian American Network Business Resource Groups, believes authenticity is the key to strong teams.

May 15, 2024

When my father came to the United States to pursue his education, he planned to return to India to be with my mother and raise his family – until he saw an opportunity for my mom to join him and start a new journey in America.

I grew up in Syracuse, New York – far from India – but my mom made sure our traditions and celebrations were always blended in with American culture.


Like many Asian parents, mine expected me to become a doctor, lawyer or engineer. They instilled hard work in me, but they also taught me to celebrate my authenticity.
Vice President, F-35 Training and Logistics

I often think about my mom when I think about the culture I want to cultivate here at Lockheed Martin. Her strength, courage and perseverance to take a chance on raising a family in America, trusting it was the right path for her, inspired my career journey.

As a leader of leaders, I know what you can achieve with hard work, but I also know that when you show up as your authentic self, you can do great things. Creating space for people of every background and experience to thrive doesn’t just make you feel good, it creates a better, stronger team.

I encourage everyone to embrace your background and show up in ways you are proud of. Whether it’s the workplace, at school, or at home, just be you.