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Palmdale, California boasts a rich heritage and is home to many of the aircraft used in the United States military. Palmdale is proud to be the home of our legendary Skunk Works® team for the past 75 years!


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It's okay to fail here, which sounds like a bad thing, but you learn way more from your failures than your successes.
Noel Palmer
Engineer, Lockheed Martin, Skunk Works
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At Skunk Works, we have a history and reputation in the aerospace and defense industry to use technology of the future to develop products that range from hypersonic flight to next-generation spacecraft. To continue this tradition, we’re looking for extraordinary talent. We need people eager to be on the cutting edge of technology that will define our future; comfortable with ambiguity; enjoy being part of a team; have a love of learning; and are willing to push the boundaries  and develop  spacecraft.

From the production line to engineering, browse through some of our growing career areas in Palmdale, California below:



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From the production line to support to engineering, browse through some of our growing career areas with our Aeronautics team below:


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Palmdale, California is special place in the world of Lockheed Martin as it is the home to skunks. Not just any skunks, but Lockheed Martin Skunks. These skunks are a breed all of their own. They are some of the greatest minds in the industry and use their elite knowledge to work on some of the most top secret projects within our Aeronautics division. Life as a skunk allows you to innovate and design ways that you have never been able to before and propels your career to new heights. 


In addtion to the benefits you will receive in your career, Lockheed Martin understands the need for all encompassing work life balance and gives all of our employees a variety of perks including exible schedules, competitive pay, and comprehensive benefits to enable our employees to live a healthy, fulfilling life at and outside of work.


At Lockheed Martin, we love Skunks. 

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