Licensing Information

Licensing Information

Lockheed Martin is proud of our name and the products we manufacture around the world. Lockheed Martin has established ownership of the aircraft and vehicle names and weapon system designator trademarks for products manufactured by Lockheed Martin and by the companies acquired by or merged into Lockheed Martin, including Lockheed, Martin Marietta, Sikorsky and Convair, as well as for certain product lines purchased from General Dynamics and General Electric.

We want to make sure that merchandise offered for sale that replicates our products or is otherwise associated with our company is of the highest quality, is safe for consumer use, and does not disparage our good name or reputation. 

We encourage companies that can maintain those standards and that wish to leverage the brand power associated with Lockheed Martin's trademarks and exciting products to join us as licensees.  Manufacturers of merchandise currently using our trademarks will have an opportunity to become licensed. 

Lockheed Martin values the work of individuals who make models of our products for their own use and not for resale, and Lockheed Martin does not require such individuals to become licensed.

For further information, please contact Lockheed Martin's trademark licensing agent:

Equity Management, Inc.

or see EMI's website at

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