Employees e-QIP Tips

IMPORTANT: Before continuing to the e-QIP site, make note of the following TWO tips to successfully complete the application process:

1.  Golden Questions

  • You must generate a user account by creating a Username and Password on your initial e-QIP login.  You are required to answer a series of "Golden Questions" before you create your account:
    • You must type unknown if asked "In what city were you born?" All responses must be in lower case.
  • All subsequent logins will only require your Username and Password

2. Work Location

  • LM Employees: Lockheed Martin must be listed as your current employer, using the following address and phone number:

                        100 Global Innovation Circle, MP 801

                        Orlando, FL 32825

                        (407) 306-7311

            In the “Physical Work Address” field, enter your actual work location.

  • Pre- Hires: List your current employment type in this section. DO NOT provide Lockheed Martin if you have not started working yet.