Pension Plan and Retirement

New Lockheed Martin Retirement Program

Under our new retirement program, Lockheed Martin will provide more retirement savings through an enhanced defined contribution program for eligible employees.


Pension Plan

Your Tools and Resources

We encourage you to use the following tools and resources to learn more about the changes and how they affect you.

Learn About the Changes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your one place to find answers to questions Lockheed Martin employees are asking about the changes.


Retirement Benefits Specialists

If you have additional questions related to the Pension Plan, please contact the Lockheed Martin Employee Service Center (LMESC). If you have questions related to the 401(k) Plan, please contact the Savings Plan Information Line.

LMESC: 866-562-2363
Savings Plan Information Line: 800-444-4015

Plan for Your Future

Retirement Income Modeler

Use this new tool to model and estimate your retirement income — combining Lockheed Martin pension and savings plans, as well as outside resources.

LMPeople  > Pay and Benefits > LM Employee Service Center and select the Retirement Income Modeler

Pension Estimator

This tool allows you to calculate an estimate of your pension benefit using the new calculation formula. It can be accessed via the same path as the new Retirement Income Modeler.

LM People  > Pay and Benefits > LM Employee Service Center

Maximize the Value of Your Benefits

Savings Plan Web Tool

Access this 401(k) planning website to help you accelerate your retirement savings today. From the site, you can:

  • Review your current elections to the 401(k) Plan and make any changes
  • Assess what you’ve saved for retirement versus a savings estimate based on your age and income today
  • Read articles and financial market commentary on saving and investing for retirement

 LM People  > Pay and Benefits > LM Employee Service  Center

Example Scenarios

To see how the changes may impact a Lockheed Martin employee like you, click on the scenario on this page that most closely matches your age, years of service and pay.