Irish and Korean Coast Guards State their Case for the S-92

Irish and Korean Coast Guards State their Case for the S-92
February 09, 2016

More than 275 S-92 aircraft have been delivered throughout the world, and the fleet has achieved more than 950,000 flight hours, performing missions including oil & gas transportation, search and rescue operations, and transportation for head of state and VIP passengers.

International search and rescue agencies use the S-92, which is outfitted with a suite of modern sensors including thermal imaging, night vision and emergency beacon locating systems. The aircraft can quickly locate survivors in need under all weather conditions.

Irish Coast Guard

For the first time, CHC Helicopter has completed more than 1,000 search and rescue (SAR) missions in a calendar year for the Irish Coast Guard (IRCG).

CHC Helicopter operates a fleet of five Sikorsky S-92® helicopters for the IRCG to conduct SAR from bases in Dublin, Shannon, Sligo and Waterford. The 1,000-mission milestone in 2015 tops the 2014 record of 914 missions.

IRCG Director Chris Reynolds cites high aircraft availability as the principal reason behind the high number of missions.

“This [past] year, we achieved in excess of 96 percent 24/7 operational availability at 15 minutes’ notice (0730 to 2130) and 45 minutes’ notice thereafter at all of our four bases, which is an exceptional achievement,” he said.

South Korean Coast Guard

South Korean Coast Guard

In northeast Asia, the South Korean Coast Guard has operated a single S-92 helicopter since March 2014.

Just one month after delivery, the aircraft was called into action to help rescue survivors of the MV Sewol ferry, which capsized off the southern coast. During the rescue efforts, the Korean Coast Guard flew 220 missions with its S-92 helicopter, transporting rescue divers and material to the scene of the accident.

“The S-92 helicopter has performed exceptionally in every mission, and is very reliable,” said a Republic of Korea Coast Guard spokesperson. “During the difficult time of the ferry incident, we did not miss a single mission.”

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