On-Demand Training Where Sailors Need it – at the Shipyard, Naval Station, or Pier

Long gone are the days when expert sailors relied upon experience and knowledge of the stars to guide their ships to shore. Today’s sailors combine their seamanship with the advanced technical expertise necessary to command and maintain the complex systems that protect modern navies. Until today, there were few options for sailors to remain current on rapidly evolving technologies on the waterfront, especially at shipyards and smaller fleet concentration areas.

Enter Lockheed Martin’s on-demand training solution: a “trainer in a container”—the go-anywhere full-spectrum surface navy training solution   Lockheed Martin outfitted a standard (8-feet by 40-feet) cargo container with its world-class naval training systems to demonstrate how training simulators could be available to sailors when they need it, where they need it and how they need it. The engineers who designed and built the system at our Moorestown, New Jersey campus fondly dubbed it “The ConTrainer”.

The ConTrainer can be configured to use standard shore-power connections or to run on a portable generator and can be put on a flatbed truck or shipping vessel for transport. There is space within the container for four watchstanders and a training facilitator, flat-screen displays for group learning and a server room for electrical/computing equipment along with additional storage.

“The on-demand trainer means that sailors can be trained wherever they are: at a naval station, pier or shipyard,” said Lee Peterson, Lockheed Martin Training Products Technical Director. “Sailors can stay current on the latest advances on their equipment without having to go to a traditional classroom.”

The following U.S. Navy training simulators are in place in the on-demand trainer:

  • Synthetic Combat Operator Trainer (SCOT), a realistic and interactive PC-based alternative to training on live tactical equipment.
  • Aegis Ashore Team Trainer (AATT), which leverages SCOT technologies and the Aegis baseline 9 tactical software for multiple training configurations for Aegis Ashore crew training and certification.
  • Warfare Tactics Instructor (WTI) Advanced Training System (WATS), which trains WTI students to perform their primary roles related to Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD), Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), and Anti-Surface Warfare (SUW) mission areas.