Sikorsky Collaborates to Improve Safety; Launches FCOM for Peer Review

Sikorsky Collaborates to Improve Safety; Launches FCOM for Peer Review
February 16, 2016

We recently announced the release of new Flight Crew Operating Manuals (FCOM) for the S-92® and S-76D™ helicopters. The manuals will help pilots understand the intent of system operations created by Sikorsky and are part of a larger effort led by HeliOffshore.

“Sikorsky’s Flight Crew Operating Manuals are aligned with our commitment to providing safe and efficient aircraft for our customers,” said Dana Fiatarone, Vice President, Sikorsky Commercial Systems and Services. “We have benefited from and look forward to the continued cycle of learning and collaboration that HeliOffshore provides. This environment will allow these important documents to continue to evolve and provide value to our customers.”

"Sikorsky, like every member of HeliOffshore, is committed to providing crews with the tools, training and support they need to operate safely, on every flight,” said Gretchen Haskins, Chief Executive Officer, HeliOffshore. “The Flight Crew Operating Manuals delivered by Sikorsky are great examples of industry-wide, tangible guidance that makes a difference to safety at the frontline.”

The S-92 and S-76D helicopter FCOMs complement the current Flight Manuals and, when published, will be available as part of the publications’ companion of the Sikorsky iFly™ application for the Apple iPad.

The FCOM provides standardized operation procedures covering a wide range of topics from aircraft pre-flight to aircraft shutdown, utilizing universal Crew Concepts and Crew Resource Management techniques which will enhance operational safety and efficiency.

Sikorsky is a proud member of HeliOffshore, a global safety-focused organization formed by major providers of offshore helicopter transportation. They enable helicopter operators to develop, share and apply best practices as well as creating and using advanced technology, and advocate for harmonized flight standards. Learn more about Safety Through Collaboration, here
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