S-92® Helicopter with Gross Weight
Expansion now in Operation

Era Group Inc. is the first operator to enter
revenue service with a GWE S-92 helicopter.

Era’s first Sikorsky S‐92® helicopter with GWE entered into revenue service in the Gulf of Mexico in October 2015. The GWE increases the maximum take‐off weight from 26,500 to 27,700 pounds. Era recently accepted delivery of its second S-92 helicopter with the GWE option, and now operates a fleet of nine Sikorsky helicopters.

“Our customers are greatly benefitting from the extra payload offered by this S-92 helicopter,” said Chris Bradshaw, President and Chief Executive Officer, Era Group, Inc. “The safety, reliability and performance of the S-92 helicopter makes it an optimal platform for those we serve.”

Sikorsky has delivered more than 275 S-92 helicopters to customers throughout the world. The fleet has flown more than 950,000 flight hours. S-92 helicopters perform a variety of missions including oil & gas transportation, search and rescue, and a variety of transportation missions for head of state, utility and airline passengers.