Find Your Engineering Path: STEM Quiz

QUIZ: What Type of Engineer Should You Be?
February 21, 2016

Engineers do more than just math and science – they build the future through invention, discovery and exploration!

At Lockheed Martin, we employ 60,000 engineers, scientists and technologists from nearly every discipline. Each engineer brings unique expertise, talents and vision, but we share a collaborative spirit that transcends borders and backgrounds in the pursuit of progress and solving our nation’s most challenging problems.

Our engineers are constantly visualizing, designing, building, testing and refining products and capabilities that will save lives, help defend our nation or expand our understanding of the universe.

Here’s a fun quiz to help you learn a little more about what engineering has to offer.

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STEM Education

We know firsthand the importance of educating our young people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Our future success and our nation’s technological advantage depend on a constant supply of highly trained, highly capable technical talent.

That’s why Lockheed Martin provides funding and volunteer support to organizations that support STEM career readiness and access for students from high school through the postsecondary years.

We are also proud to play a part in supporting the ambitions of bright students, many of whom come from underrepresented communities, through the Lockheed Martin STEM and Vocational Scholarship program.