Potential Customers see the TPS-77 MRR in Action

Potential Customers see the TPS-77 MRR in Action
August 16, 2017

Lockheed Martin recently held a demonstration for existing and potential customers to see the TPS-77 Multi-Role Radar (MRR) at work scanning the skies for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. The TPS-77 MRR capitalizes on decades of investment in technology advances which allows the system to adapt to a variety of surveillance missions. The event was held at a dedicated test site outside of Syracuse, NY.

During the demonstration, potential customers were able to see both the optimized low level flight surveillance and long range radar missions at a variety of rotation rates. 

The TPS-77 MRR is the latest version of Lockheed Martin’s successful product line of surveillance radars developed in response to the evolving needs of armed forces in the field. The TPS-77 MRR can operate in multiple configurations in order to provide users with flexibility during operation.

Demonstrating the TPS-77 MRR’s mobility, the radar can be truck-mounted for rapid deployment to unprepared sites and can also be dismounted for use at fixed sites. This provides the user with more options and mobility.

 Operators can select specific sectorized modes in real-time, such as long range or low level flight surveillance, within the same scan and without interrupting the radar’s operation. This allows the operator to make changes and adapt to missions easily and effectively.


The TPS-77 MRR design also incorporates high efficiency Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology.  GaN provides low power consumption and high reliability that extends the life of the radar while lowering the overall cost of sustainment.

In addition to the system’s multi-role capability, the TPS-77 MRR shares common logistics, sparing, and training with Lockheed Martin’s TPS-77 / FPS-117 fleet which is deployed throughout the world.

Lockheed Martin recently completed production on the first TPS-77 MRR for the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia. This milestone is the most recent event in a 15-year partnership of radar development and training between Latvia and Lockheed Martin. 


The Lockheed Martin team plans to hold an additional demonstration for potential customers in September 2017.

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