How a Career in Aviation Can Help People Around the Globe

How a Career in Aviation Can Help People Around the Globe
September 04, 2017

What can you do with an interest in aviation and passion for helping others around the world?

One option is a job where you can apply your skills and knowledge to support people living in the most remote locations, and at times, in the harshest conditions.

Lockheed Martin has multiple job offerings working on its commercial aircraft that are designed to travel where there are no roads—or even a runway. 

Unlimited Career Opportunities

Whether your focus is fixed-wing aircraft, rotary or something else entirely, in a career at Lockheed Martin, you will have access to unlimited resources, career-building programs, and networking opportunities to take your career anywhere you’d like to go.

And if commercial aviation isn’t your thing, you can always apply your skill set elsewhere in the company. Whether it’s with artificial intelligence, space exploration or robotics, the opportunities with Lockheed Martin are expansive.

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Variety of Commercial Aircraft

Lockheed Martin builds 5 unique aircraft that can operate together to support a number of tasks nearly anywhere in the world.

Hybrid Airship

  • Capable of carrying 47,000 pounds of payload and up to 19 passengers
  • Offers access to remote areas that are currently inaccessible by traditional modes of transportation
  • Its air cushion landing system allows it to float along the ground nearly friction free
  • Supports a variety of tasks like disaster relief, mining operations, oil and gas exploration, village supply, and wind turbine transportation—to name a few
Hybrid Airship

LM-100J Commercial Freighter

  • Derivative of the C-130J, which is the airlifter of choice for 16 nations around the world
  • Multi-purpose air freighter capable of rapid and efficient transport of cargo
  • Delivered supplies to Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria
  • Supports multiple roles including humanitarian relief operations, search and rescue, air ambulance, aerial firefighting and more

Sikorsky S-76 Helicopter

  • Since 1977, more than 850 S-76 aircraft have been delivered world-wide
  • Transporting personnel to offshore oil and gas platforms accounts for 65 percent of total flight hours
  • Operates in more than 40 countries

Sikorsky S-92 Helicopter

  • Completed more than 91,000 search and rescues
  • Operates in more than 25 countries 
  • Supports personnel transport, search and rescue operations, humanitarian aid and disaster relief, and offshore oil and gas transportation
Sikorsky S-92

M-28 Stol Airplane

  • Twin turboprop aircraft excels at short takeoff and landing operations on unprepared runways
  • Easily reconfigurable 19-seat cabin for multiple missions, including medical evacuation, passenger and cargo transport, paradrop, search and rescue, maritime patrol, and border surveillance
  • Strong flight performance in tropical or cold temperatures with a 5,000 lb. maximum payload at distances of more than 280 miles

Aiding the Unreachable

More than half the world’s population has no direct access to paved roads. North Slope Borough, Alaska; Lajamanu, Australia; and Longyearbyen, Norway—to name a few.

The lack of reliable transportation puts remote communities at risk of being unreachable during humanitarian crises, creates barriers to education, and can lead to higher prices for healthcare and imported goods.

And you can help. Right now, Lockheed Martin has multiple career opportunities working with our commercial aviation technologies that operate around the world.