Five Lockheed Martin Facilities Earn Highest Security Honor

Five Lockheed Martin Facilities Earn Highest Security Honor
June 28, 2018

At Lockheed Martin, our employees are well-versed in the importance of security. Security is what we offer to our customers and our nation every day through our products and services. Before we ever deliver a product, Lockheed Martin proactively secures our sites to avert adversaries from attacking our nation’s safety.

Each year, the Defense Security Service (DSS), a federal security agency of the United States Department of Defense, awards the James S. Cogswell Outstanding Industrial Security Achievement Award to industry facilities whose security practices far exceed the basic requirements of the National Industrial Security Program.

This year, five Lockheed Martin facilities were recognized with this prestigious award at the annual National Classification Management Society (NCMS) seminar on June 6, 2018, in Dallas, Texas.


  • Fort Worth, Texas

Missiles and Fire Control

  • Troy, Alabama

Rotary and Mission Systems

  • 300M Street, Washington, DC
  • Akron, Ohio
  • Riviera Beach, Florida

13,300 cleared industry facilities were subject to ongoing assessments by DSS and eligible for this award, but only 39 sites across the country received the honor this year, including these five Lockheed Martin sites.

For the Lockheed Martin security team, this award is a monstrous achievement. Like your favorite musician dreaming of a Grammy, this honor represents achieving the pinnacle of one’s work. For comparison, Harvard University accepts about six percent of applicants, while a Cogswell Awards is given to only 0.3 percent of eligible sites, so winning this award is about 20 times harder than getting into Harvard.